Home Entertainment Season 23 of ‘Big Brother’: the third guest receives the starter

Season 23 of ‘Big Brother’: the third guest receives the starter

Season 23 of 'Big Brother': the third guest receives the starter

Caution: Spoilers ahead!

The Eldest brother house has lost another resident. Thursday night saw another guest get fired after a surprising week filled with overconfidence and well-executed plans.

If you’re eager to see who got kicked out, scroll down. But first, it is important to see how this eviction unfolded over the last week.

This season of Eldest brotherhas some exceptionally gifted players who know how to keep their heads down, when to show their true colors, and how to build strong alliances.

And then there’s Brent Champagne.

After quickly befriending the now-evicted Brandon “Frenchie” French in the first week, Brent explained that he is often underestimated because people think he’s just a snooty and handsome face. He argued that he is actually a calm and introspective person with a rich inner life.

After Frenchie’s eviction last week, Xavier Prather became the new head of the family, and for reasons that are largely unknown, Brent decided that he would generally show off how smart and handsome he is, and how difficult he is for women be friends with him because they inevitably develop feelings for him.

Unbeknownst to Brent, this sort of behavior annoyed his fellow guests, and when it came time to nominate two people for eviction, Xavier chose Brent first, and then Britini D’Angelo, because she is the only other. person Xavier is not in league with.

It also marked Britini’s second straight week on the cutting board, which she took very personally.

While almost everyone in the house conspired against Brent all week, and they were already celebrating getting rid of him, Brent apparently had no idea. In fact, he read the room so badly that he said he felt bad for Britini because he was sure she would go home.

During Wednesday’s episode, Xavier, Brent, and Britini, along with Christian Birkenberger, Derek Frazier, and Whitney Williams, competed in the Veto Competition. The challenge included spinning in a circle until dizzy and then launching a bowling ball down an oversized lane to hit specifically numbered pins.

Before the game started, Xavier and Christian made a pact that if either of them won they would not use the veto power, so Brent and Britini would remain on the block. It was Brent’s only chance to stay in the house, and he ended up getting knocked out.

In fact, the last two competitors to reach the end of the veto challenge were Xavier and Christian, which means their plan went off without a hitch. Christian ended up taking home the victory and earning the gold medallion of the Power of Veto.

In a surprisingly delicious moment of dramatic irony, Brent, who was still sure he had the support of most of the household, told Christian NOT to use the veto to save him (which Christian didn’t plan to do anyway) . Instead, Brent had in mind that, in Thursday’s eviction, he would pull off the most shocking surprise in Big Brother history when he ended up staying and Britini ended up getting the ax.

The confidence caught many of the guests laughing when Christian then told his alliance members the story, and ended up doing exactly what Brent wanted: He kept the nominations the same.

Then it all came down to cable, but not before Brent and Britini were able to say their last words to their guests.

“Guests, I love this game. I love you all. If you allow me to continue creating memories in this house, I promise to be the sun on your darkest days, the light at the end of every hall, even if it’s dark, and your dance partner. for life so we can dance the night away, “Britini said.” So when you vote, please vote for me to stay so we can keep playing. Thank you very much. “

As for Brent, he said, “Guests, look at us, who would have thought? Definitely not me,” while the guests laughed. “Seriously, in this game, a lot of people say and don’t match what they do. I firmly believe that actions speak louder than words … and my actions match my words, and I hope you can find a little value in that. If not, we have fun, right? “

Brent’s words, however, did not change anyone’s mind, as the final votes for him to be evicted were 11-0.

“It’s a game guys,” Brent said as he said goodbye to the guest. “Do not worry about it.”

When he left the house and sat down with Julie, he expressed that he was “not surprised.”

“To be honest, I’m not surprised. It’s the right play, if you don’t get me out, it was going to create a lot of chaos in the house,” he said. “It’s a game of betrayal. I had a target on my back from day one. It doesn’t go away naturally.”

As for why he received the loot, he said: “I’m a strong personality and obviously physically people have said from day one that I see myself as a threat. Those things just don’t deviate from people’s perception of the loot. game. I haven’t even done anything to prove that I’m a physical threat. I’ve thrown up, did a couple of memory compilations, but that was it. To get people to say I was an amazing competitor before I could compete, I thought I was the easiest way to put a target on my back and try to get me out as quickly as possible. “

He also expressed that he was not surprised that his own team turned against him, and that he pushed for the veto against him not to be applied because he knew he was still a target.

“Because having left with the veto would not have given me more than one more week of security,” he said. “I’ve been attacked by a lot of people in the house before, so it wasn’t going to change.”

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