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Scott Disick sunbathes with bikini-clad Bella Banos while on vacation in St. Barts

Scott Disick sunbathes with bikini-clad Bella Banos while on vacation in St. Barts

The fun in the sun continues for Scott Disick and Bella Banos. The two were pictured taking rays in St. Barts on December 22 while on vacation.

Scott disick lives the good life in Saint-Barth. The reality TV star continued her Caribbean vacation with a model Bella banos December 22. The two were pictured hanging out on the beach, with Bella cradling a tiny orange bikini and a crochet wrap skirt. Bella and Scott lay side by side in the sun and also had a conversation as they stood next to each other near their beach setup.

Bella Banos Scott Disick
Bella Banos and Scott Disick on the beach in Saint-Barth. (ELIOT PRESS-MEGA-IMP / BACKGRID FEATURES)

Scott and Bella arrived in St. Barts earlier this week and were seen strolling the beach together in photos from the trip. Bella rocked a neon bikini and watched in conversation with by Kourtney Kardashian ex. Meanwhile, Scott was in New York City before the trip to St. Barts, where he caught a movie with Kourtney’s sister, Kim kardashian, and her man, Pierre Davidson.

This isn’t the first time Scott and Bella have been linked. The 25-year-old is said to be the woman Scott sneakily took to Costa Rica during the Kardashian family vacation in 2017. He broke up with Kourtney at the time, but joined her and her family anyway. during the trip, which was filmed for keeping up with the Kardashians. Scott was staying separately from the KarJenners, but was part of the daily activities of the trip. He hadn’t planned on informing Kourtney and her family of Bella’s return to her hotel, but the news eventually came to light during the holidays. This led to an erupting brawl between Scott and Kourtney.

Scott Disick Bella Banos
Scott Disick and Bella Banos walking on the beach in St. Barts. (EliotPress / MEGA)

Soon after, Scott started dating Sofia richie, who he was with for three years until they went their separate ways in the summer of 2020. After the break-up, Scott spent time with Bella again and they were spotted going out to dinner. together. He started to go out Amelia Hamlin in November 2020, but their romance ended after less than a year in September. Its status with Bella this time around is unclear, but they definitely seem to be living their trip to the tropics!

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