Home Entertainment Scenes from Alfonso Zayes films that will be “canceled” today

Scenes from Alfonso Zayes films that will be “canceled” today

Scenes from Alfonso Zayes films that will be

MEXICO CITY.- RACE alfonso zayaso, who died on July 8, has over 100 film and television projects, which have been revived in recent times, but which also generate some controversy because of their content.

The memoirs have scenes from iconic films such as “the greengrocer’s”, “Mason’s Day” u “3 Very Fast Sailors” which were popular in the 80s but today will be considered objectionable According to the cancellation culture.

Because these are movies that were made more than a decade ago, it may be impossible to do many of the actions that make Zayes famous today. these five scenes Which can currently be canceled by Alfonso Zion.

Homophobia and Machismo in “The Greengrocers Attack Again”

Alfonso Zayas and his friends are at a party with several women, but upon finding out This transvestite. is aboutnot only use derogatory phrase To refer to them as “let’s go, they’re men” but let them go by pushing.

With phrases like: “You’re hot, with that fitted skirt“,” Joe Zayas says in a scene from the same movie where he apparently tries to flirt with a woman who goes to his grocery store, surely the film must have received a lot of criticism.

“You need someone to take care of you,” Zayas tells a woman to convince him to have sex.

Sexualization in the movie “La Negra Tomasa”

Another movie with Cesar Bono. A fight breaks out here as a woman is overtaken by two men who not only compliment her, but also argue that they have been with her.

Many of the characters dance happily to a song called “Ae Kyu Pachanga”, some of them making comical contributions to the song’s lyrics and pretending to make statements such as “Dwarf” to a short man, which is not the only time he appears in any of Zay’s films.