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Scary! Stephen King shares photo of ‘Pennywise’ created with artificial intelligence

Stephen King has become a legend in horror literature, several of his works already have their own feature film, among which stand out Carrie, Doctor Sleep Y The glow.

Although the 74-year-old writer has several successful productions, none compares to his work published in 1986, which received the name of Item.

John Wayne Gacy’s ‘Pogo’, the clown who inspired Stephen King’s ‘It’

The great popularity of Pennywise

In the book Item by Stephen King we come across a story in which a group of children are terrorized by an evil clown known as penny-wiseeither clown that In Latin America, this work has enjoyed such popularity that it had a television adaptation divided into 2 episodes.

A few years later, specifically in 2017, a remake of It was released, which was characterized by being a more violent version and faithful to the book. With a great reception by critics and the public, 2 years later its sequel, It: Chapter Two, which was not as well received as the first, but made clear the great popularity of this work.

Artificial intelligence creates image of Pennywise

With the recent boom in images created by means of artificial intelligence, different users have shared from curious and funny photos, to completely disturbing results.

Now it was the turn of Stephen King, who through Twitter shared an image generated by an Artificial Intelligence, in which we observe the Clown That riding a bicycle in the forest.

“This was done by an AI bot, I asked my tech friend Jake to put Pennywise on a bike and this is what came out,” the writer said.

The image has caused endless reactions, as many classify it as something totally terrifying.

Undoubtedly, the creation of images by Artificial Intelligence is a topic that is here to stay and that in the future may become something more amazing.


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