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Savannah Guthrie is moved to tears by Jenna Bush Hager’s amazing surprise on her 50th birthday

Savannah Guthrie is moved to tears by Jenna Bush Hager's amazing surprise on her 50th birthday

Bring the tears with you! Jenna Bush Hager had the best surprise for her today Co-host and best friend Savannah Guthrie on her 50th birthday – a private concert by Andrea Bocelli.

As a result of Tuesday from today, the world has looked at the gift Bush Hager, 40, gave Guthrie in honor of the milestone she marked on December 27th.

“We all wanted to surprise her with something she never expected,” said Bush Hager before the video package aired. “A unique experience in which one of the most inspiring and talented singers of all time serenades.”

In the package, Bush announced to Hager that her “always under control” leader was in the dark of her surprise as she walked arm in arm through Madison Square Garden, blindfolded.

“Finding the ultimate birthday present was a challenge, especially when your boyfriend has already done it all,” said Bush Hager. “So for Savannah’s 50th we had to get creative.”

Bush Hager said Guthrie’s strong connection to her faith and love for music inspired the special gift. When they heard that Bocelli was about to perform in town, the crew met to come up with a plan.

The moment had finally come. Bush Hager took her friend into the empty venue and told her that this “is probably the least prepared for any shoot you’ve ever been on in your life”. When she took off Guthrie’s mask, Bocelli and his 9-year-old daughter Virginia were on stage playing their rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

Bush Hager and Guthrie were sitting together crying when the duo performed. After the performance, the still emotional birthday girl got a special hug from the Italian musician.

“I want Savannah to know that she’s done so much in 50 years,” Bush Hager said in a voice-over. β€œIt has brought happiness to so many people and is so special. I just want her to feel all the power that she is. And to feel loved because it is her. ”

Back in the studio, an emotional Guthrie pondered the gift. “I still can’t believe it,” she said before addressing the today Crew and Bocelli’s team. “The whole thing was amazing.”


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