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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Sasha Sokol waiting for Luis de Llano to apologize: “I’m having a difficult time”

Sasha Sokol arrived last night from a trip through Los Angeles to Mexico City where she told us that at the moment there is no project with Benny, Erik and Timbiriche for 2024 as they had said, about her legal process against Luis de Llano that started the July 18, 2022 has not had a good time as the TV producer after 30 years that it cost him to talk about their relationship.

“It is not a quiet time at all, no person who has lived what I experienced, I am not calm, I am having a difficult time, I imagine that Luis’s family is also having a difficult time, but we cannot talk about the process because that is what that asks for the same process,” he told Multimedios TV exclusively upon his arrival at CdMx.

Mariana Garza external support for Sasha Sokol after ratifying complaint

He stated that everything is following its course and that the only thing he is looking for is that the truth be clarified, that the consequences of his actions be paid with a public apology and that there be compensation.

“I am only looking for the truth to be stabilized, to offer me an apology, it seems to me that it is the least that can be asked for, the amount is not for me, it is for an association with which I signed an agreement in which 100% is delivered. it’s called ADIVAC AC and I think it’s important that there is an amount,” added the Timbiriche singer.

He pointed out that all acts have consequences and he hopes that this will make people aware.

“Women and men, there are many people who go through this, hopefully it can serve as inspiration or encouragement, I think it is a way to start healing that helps.”


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