Home Entertainment Sarah Maldonado reveals she will undergo liposculpture

Sarah Maldonado reveals she will undergo liposculpture

Sarah Maldonado reveals she will undergo liposculpture

Mexico City.- sarah maldonado He shares that this Monday he will undergo liposculpture and remove some of the breast implants that were put in two decades ago.

The 41-year-old actress says in a video that “he’s going to stick a knife“Because he wants look different and take off”chubby from behind“Well, even if they’ve exercised and eaten healthy, they do not disappear.

“I decided to make it public because the truth is that I consider myself a transparent person; the truth is that my body is going to change because it’s a decision I made, that I meditated for a long time. ”

Sara Maldonado, who has participated in melodramas such as “Life Struggle” u “Camellia La Texana”, explains that a simple liposculpture will be performed, taking advantage of the removal of the implant.

“I had a bust surgery 20 years ago, I had some implants and I decided to have them removed, for nothing, my prostheses are quite old, but, on the recommendation of doctors, I am going to have a liposculpture Huh, this is a very simple liposculpture, they’re going to remove all those chubby guys; chubby ones behind my back. Those are things I haven’t managed to bring down and I’ve always wanted to do“.