Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Matthew Broderick — See Their Wedding Invitation

Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Matthew Broderick — See Their Wedding Invitation

It’s a year of silver festivities for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick! The famous couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Thursday.

“25 years. And counting,” wrote Parker on Instagram Below a black and white photo of the two are hugging. She also included a shot of her original wedding invitation.

“Please join Sarah Jessica and Matthew for a party in New York City,” the invitation reads. The ceremony took place on Monday, May 19, 1997.

Although they haven’t spent much of their careers working together, the couple recently made headlines with their Broadway show, Plaza Suite, The play, written by Neil Simon in 1968, follows the story of three couples – each portrayed by Parker and Broderick in this production. It was scheduled to open at the Hudson Theater in March 2020, but was canceled due to the pandemic and eventually returned in March 2022.

During a preview of the show, Parker thanked his audience for their patience and support. “Many of you have been waiting two years for the theater to return,” she said. “You’ve stood up and been patient and enthusiastic and optimistic and we just want to thank you because by doing so you’ve supported our entire theater community, and that means all the people you don’t see back here, And all the people you’ve met before.”

on his debut, varietyit is written that “Married couples in real life bring a serious commitment to the spirit of the work, allowing their own personalities to throw some metatextual sparks without overpowering Simon’s spirit.”

In April, the performance was temporarily halted after Parker and Broderick both tested positive for COVID-19, but they returned a few weeks later and announced this week That the show will be extended till July 2022.

Broderick and Parker have three children together – son James, 19, and twin daughters Marion and Tabitha, 12.

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