Home Entertainment Sara Maldonado admits she had an abortion and infidelity in a pandemic

Sara Maldonado admits she had an abortion and infidelity in a pandemic

Sara Maldonado sufrió aborto e infidelidad

The actress revealed that in just a year and a half she suffered depression from a miscarriage, faced Covid-19 and discovered her partner’s infidelity.

MEXICO. – The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) in Sara Maldonado It was one of the most difficult times of her life, and not just because of the contagion she suffered from the actress in a year and a half with the Loss of a baby and discovered the infidelity Of your partner.

Sara Maldonado reveals Juan Sebastián Ávila’s infidelity

The actress announced this on social networks Juan Sebastian Avila, Her boyfriend at the time was unfaithful to her. Sara gave it away infidelity It happened while she was alive depression for the loss of their baby. He also stated that he went through these difficult moments while recovering from Covid-19 and the miscarriage he suffered.

Because of these complicated moments that she experienced a year and a half ago, the soap opera protagonist pointed out that all this tragedy made her rethink life and the way we see human relationships.

“I’ve redefined my concept of love, we’re programmed on ready-made ideas and what I’ve learned during that time is always to love myself first,” said the actress.

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Will Sara Maldonado have a series?

Without going into details Sara Maldonado expects that talk about everything that happened in the middle of the pandemic. However, he has not indicated whether this will be done through his social networks, in a book, play, or through a television project.

“It’s a very long story but it will all be known soon, I will tell everyone, you will see. For now I can tell you that I am calm and happy, everything is part of a process,” added Sara.

However, the 41-year-old revealed that she is waiting for the premiere of a new project that she has already recorded.

My series will be presented next year, They didn’t give me the exact date, I’ll be doing another season soon, maybe so I’ll be back in Mexico […] Everything is a thing of the past, but I want to share it, ”said the actress.

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