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Santa Fe Klan tells how he was chosen for the soundtrack of ‘Black Panther 2’: “everything was brought in secret”

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Hit after hit, Santa Fe Klan celebrates people’s support for his career and more so now that he joined the soundtrack of the new film by Black Panther with the theme AmIn a press conference, the rapper narrated how Marvel producers approached him to carry out this collaboration.

“Camilo Lara spoke to me from here in Mexico, he invited me to his studio, He introduced me to the producer of the film and there we began to write the song (…) we were there for a little while, having a drink and getting to know each other, He taught me like three tracks, four tracks, I took the one I liked the most, It took me about two hours or so to write it, but I wrote it and recorded it, about two or three hours the whole process was already over, of writing and recording,” he said.

Santa Fe Klan falls off stage at concert in Rosarito

The interpreter of Sea and land I knew that within this search to work with this production house there were several performers who had presented their songs, but I did not know what Christian Nodal He had been one of them, for which he is grateful that they took him into account.

“Yes, I imagine that they must have collected many songs, because Camilo told me, he invited me, but he did not assure me of anything, he told me that He invited me to do a song to see if it was left for a moviehe didn’t even tell me which one, he told me: ‘it’s a very important movie’, they brought everything in secret, How cool thank God, they liked what I did and more than anything my voice”.

Exclusively for MULTIMEDIA, Santa Fe celebrated joining the list of artists arriving in Hollywood, like now Tenoch Huerta Y mabel chain, to put Mexico on high and does not rule out soon also venturing into acting.

I feel very proud to be from Mexico and to represent it in this way with this song that came out in a little whileI always bring inspiration and I always bring experiences of things that I have done and have happened to me, it feels cool, I feel happy to represent Mexico all over the world, I am going to continue doing it and if this is the beginning to enter this roll of cinema, I can also start acting and whatever they occupy, I am here to order”.

The singer acknowledged that all his success is due to the love that his fans always show him, in addition to his music and shows, he seeks to distract them from the difficult moments that may happen in their lives.

“I am theirs, for them, everything I live and I am feeling, I sing it to them, I like to sing it to them, I vent with them, I am happy to save lives, because I receive many messages from people who say that my music helps them with depression, or that it helped them not to kill each other, they send me very strong messages and it’s great that my music helps them relax (…) I love them machin, they are my race and they are the ones who keep me where I am, they are the ones who give me to eat, I had nothing before, for that I am grateful”.

Santa Fe Klan received seven stitches after falling from stage

Out of so much love and euphoria that he feels for them, a few days ago, at his concert in Rosarito, he tried to throw himself off the stage towards the public, but his team did not allow it, causing him to fall off the stage, which caused him an injury behind the ear.

I have seven stitches behind my ear the good thing is that it was the last song, I still needed some that I was going to throw extras, but I finished my show, that’s why I threw myself, I said ‘I’m going to throw in the last one, whatever happens I already sang everything’, my dancers stopped me because they thought it was dangerous for me to throw myself at people, but I already had everything under controlI told them, why would they grab me, but well, things happen for a reason, they put some stitches there and everything, at 100, I got up as if nothing had happened, I wanted to throw myself out and more because right now because of this Marvel movie, maybe I wanted to get my powers, as a flyer, I fancied it as a superhero ”.

Santa Fe Klan and fatherhood

On other topics and already in confidence, the Santa Fe Klan talked about how he has now lived his stage as a father, he hopes that when his son grows up he will be proud of everything he has achieved professionally.

“Right now he sees me, he just stares at me, I tell him, ‘you don’t even know what’s up’ (laughs), but people even chase him, poor thing, that’s why we hardly take any photos of him here, he belongs to us, we live it with him and we have the experience of having him little, the day he knows who I am here he will walk, he will want to walk in the same roll, no way he doesn’t like the party “.

He ended the interview by revealing that he plans to tattoo his son’s face on his back, as he did a few weeks ago with his wife’s face. Maya Nazar.

“Yes, there I bring the saved space, I am waiting for him to grow a little more to tattoo him for 1 or 2 years, where his little face can be seen like him, right now he is very small, he is two months old”.

-Of the brave few who tattoo their wife or children

“However, they are something that I will always take with me, wherever I go, no matter what happens, they will always be with me”.


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