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Santa Fe Klan reappears after being detained by police; this is how the rapper is: is he okay?

Santa Fe Klan, famous Mexican singer, reappeared on social networks, after having stayed away from the public eye and causing concern by broadcasting how the police stopped him while he was walking down the street and promoting his upcoming concert in Mexico City. What happened?

It was through your account Instagram where the singer reappeared to show that he was fine.

‘Ventaneando’ defends Santa Fe Klan after arrest; they accuse discrimination: “when they arrive in suits they don’t even see them”

Without clarifying what happened after the alleged arrest, the singer simply said that he was back. With a “churro” of marijuana, in a house by the sea and in the company of his partner and friends, the famous man hinted that he is fine.


The singer from Guanajuato shared that he is calm, surrounded by people he loves and that he will continue to consume marijuana without hiding it, as some believe he should do.

“We’re back,” said the celebrity.

In other stories, he showed that he hired a musical group to liven up his afternoon at the private party.


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