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Santa Fe Klan reacts to his fall in concert; it has seven stitches

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Santa Fe Klan worried his fans after falling on stage during a performance in Federal Campus of Rosarito, Baja California. Now in an interview for MULTIMEDIAthe rapper showed the aftermath of the event.

I bring seven stitches here, look“says the singer pointing to the back of his ear.”How good it was already in the last song“, he recounts.

According to what the Guanajuatense says, he was still planning to perform one more song but the fall made him suddenly stop singing. “I wanted to throw myself and my dancers stopped me because they thought it was dangerous for me to throw myself at people“, remember.

Santa Fe Klan falls off stage at concert in Rosarito

It had recently been revealed that the face of her partner, the influencer Maya Nazor, is being tattooed. Now, she anticipates that she plans to also tattoo the face of her son Luka, but once he is two years old and his face is more defined.

“There I bring the saved space (for the tattoo), I’m just waiting for it to grow a little more to tattoo it for a year, or two years, and where you can see his little face like him“, advances. “As you wish, they are something that I will always take with me wherever I go, even if whatever happens, they will always be with meHe talks about his family.

The terrible fall of the Santa Fe Klan on stage

A few days ago, the man from Guanajuato performed ‘Caring for the Territory’ —a song on which he collaborates with artists such as Caliber 50 and Beto Sierra—, when he prepared to throw himself into the public and warned nearby attendees: “but they’re going to catch me, hey, dogs!”, turning them on.

After this, we see his staff and dancers interact a little more with him as part of the performancebut when they see his intentions to jump, they tackle him, provoking an immediate reaction of concern both in the public and in his own team on stage.

“They happened to see **, dogs, why are they holding me? Why are they holding me if I had already said that I was going to throw myself?” He asked after getting back on his feet.


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Recently, the Santa Fe Klan was chosen to be part of the soundtrack of the new Marvel Studios movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forevera tape that opens next November in theaters.


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