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Santa Fe Klan confesses that for his son he wants to “be a better person”

After the recent birth of his firstborn and with a song included in the soundtrack of Wakanda Foreverthe Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan announce their new album World, which will be released on Thursday. GoesSeveral of the production’s themes speak of significant relationships in their lives; others are melancholic.

“It was to send a message to all the couples and all the people who have problems, all those people who want to be happy and can’t”said the musician in a recent interview in Mexico City before a concert with friends and guests from the industry to present the songs from his album.

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“More than anything, give music to the world so that everyone puts the instruments they want. The songs bring pure guitar, but if someone from Brazil adds the flow that is heard in Brazil to one of these songs, you can”, he added.

Santa Fe Klan tells what it was like to become a dad

Santa Fe Klan was also encouraged to compose and play the piano for the first time in Lukea song he wrote shortly before the arrival of his first child with his partner, the model Maya Nazar. His video, with VHS-like image quality, was shot by the rapper himself at the hospital on the day of the birth.

“We brought another idea to make the video… but it couldn’t be done because of work and we recorded it like this, real,” he said. “They took me one of those old cameras and I was recording there at the birth and everything was something cool (beautiful). I wrote everything I feel for my child and for Maya and for everything that is happening.

Santa Fe Klan, whose real name is Angel Jair Quezada Jasso, She says she hasn’t changed that much after her baby arrived.

“I’m still the same crazy”he said laughing. “I want my child to know me as I am. Maybe the only thing that has changed is being more responsible and having more control in my life so that it doesn’t get out of hand… Because of him I want to be a better person every day.”

Mexican artist Panqué En Los Controles played guitar on several of the songs. Previously, he had collaborated with the Santa Fe Klan on the subject I must understandwhich he interprets with Neto Peña and Yoss Bones. Others were performed by the Santa Fe Klan and by other artists.

With the release of the album, he premiered the video for Ride mea song that he performs with the Mexican pop trio Reik that has collaborated with urban artists such as Nicky Jam, Maluma Y Ozuna. The invitation came through his manager, who is also a representative of the trio. Reik vocalist Jesús Navarro recorded the entire song and the Santa Fe Klan chose which verses fit best.

For its part, I will find you It is one of the songs that are not so acoustic. She mixes the traditional beat of rap with the guitar and performs it with the Colombian rapper Nanpa Básico.

“I wrote that song a long time ago, but they are still true stories, they are stories of the people around me,” said the Santa Fe Klan, who added that he likes Nanpa’s songs a lot and that’s why he looked for him.

Recently the song of Amwhich is part of the soundtrack of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which opens in November. It is a very Mexican theme in which he dedicates some verses to the national coat of arms. As is often the case with all things Marvel movies, it was such a well-kept secret that the rapper hadn’t heard the final version until a day before it was released.

The collaboration for the soundtrack arose at the invitation of the Mexican musician Camilo Laura, who has participated in multiple film projects, including the instrumental music of Thor: Love and Thunderand that he will be a music producer for Wakanda forever.

“They were telling me exactly what was going to happen in the movie and I captured everything they were telling me, plus everything I feel, because I’m Mexican, and how cool it feels to represent the Mexican flag all over the world,” Santa Fe Klan said about how he created the verses for the song.

The rapper is currently touring the United States, with upcoming dates in Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico Y Colorado. His tour Sea and land takes its name from another of the songs of Worldreleased before the album and so far one of the favorites of its public.

“It talks about a love that took me so long to look for it: on one side and on the other, I had to go through these mistakes, by sea and land, to find you. It is something like an impossible love that has finally arrived, ”she said.


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