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Sandra Echeverría reveals that she suffered bullying from two Hollywood actors

Sandra Echeverria, who a few years ago went to the United States to try to conquer Hollywood, participated in the film “Savages”, next to the Mexican Salma Hayek; however, the experience that she lived during the filming of her tape made her give up her dreams since she assured was a victim of bullying by two renowned actors who were in the cast. Here the details.

Sandra Echeverría reveals that she suffered bullying while recording “Savages”

It was through her social networks that the protagonist of “La usurpadora” narrated this unpleasant moment, which, she assures, continues to produce a lot of courage because at that time she could not do anything.

“Today I remembered a story of ‘bullying’ in a project I filmed 10 years ago. Two very famous actors. It gave me a lot of courage again. If it happened today, I would definitely have accused them. I clarify: ‘bullying’, not harassment“He began his story.

In a second message, Echeverría revealed the name of the celebrities who violated her and they are about Aaron Taylor Johnson, known for his role as Quicksilver in the Marvel movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, and Taylor Kitsh, who played Gambit in the film “X-men Origins: Wolverine”.

“10 years ago filming #Savages I had a scene with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Taylor Kitsch. We came in a truck (I was supposedly kidnapped with my hands and feet tied in the trunk). Well, they thought it was very funny between takes to start the truck very hard”, he added.

This caused Sandra to hit herself repeatedly and almost fly out of the vehicle, since she was immobile and could not hold on anywhere. She even remembered that her father, who was also present at the filming, had to put up with not claiming the young people, since her daughter’s future in the industry could be affected.

The actress confessed that she did not say anything either for fear of reprisals against her, because they were already famous, while she was a Latina trying to make a name for herself. She also acknowledged that, later, Aaron apologized.but questioned the fact that being famous some actors feel empowered to do whatever they want.

“I decided not to say anything and suck it up, but I hated them. Two arrogant, famous teenagers were capable of doing that. Later, at the premiere, Aaron even apologized. At least he did seem to feel bad. It was good for Taylor. Does that give you the power of Hollywood? I don’t know.” finished.

Several users responded to Sandra’s story, some of them sending her various shows of support; while others assured that this is a recurring behavior in Taylor-Johnson, since it was also pointed out by the actress Chloë Grace Moretz to make her feel bad when they worked together.

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