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‘Sandman’: who’s who in the dark Netflix series

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What would humans be without Sandmanthe lord who reigns and protects the kingdom of dreams?, that is the question from which the series of Netflixan adaptation of the lucrative comic book series created by Neil Gaman and published by DC Comics. The story tells of the adventures of Morpheus, one of the seven Eternals, who could be described as forces of nature responsible for crucial -or catastrophic- events in the universe.

Bringing comics to the small screen has been a great challenge for Netflix, which managed to convince Gaiman to carry out the project in part because of the role he played in the creative decisions and also because of the advantages offered by the streaming platform, among them a high budget, necessary given the wide range of characters.

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Cast of ‘Sandman’, the new Netflix series

The choice of the cast of Sandmanin which Gaiman was involved, generated divided opinions since its announcement, but the writer faced criticism by pointing out that the Eternals they are immortal aspects without a single or defined physical appearance.

If you think the Eternals have a specific human race or form, you’ve missed something from Sandman. Don’t worry. See the series “, he wrote in networks.

Given the enormous number of actors and plots that are intertwined in the series, here we share a guide to the key characters that you must know to understand the story from beginning to end.

Who’s who in the ‘Sandman’ series


He is the king of dreams and nightmares. He has a cold personality, which sometimes leads him to be cruel, but he is also vulnerable and sensitive. He is bold, cunning and independent. Although initially he is very proud and vindictive, he eventually adopts a more compassionate version.

belongs to the eternal, a group of magical beings made up of seven brothers: Death, the twins Desire and Despair, Delirium, Destruction, Destiny and Sandmaneach of them is the anthropomorphic representation of certain concepts of life.

In the series he is played by Tom Sturridgea British actor known for movies like getting to know Julia, Mary Shelley, sinister minds Y on the road.


It is a nightmare created by the Sandman himself. He is a serial killer who kills for fun and instead of eyes it has two rows of teeththat’s why I always wear sunglasses. He is narcissistic and sadistic, In addition, almost in all his appearances he is dressed in white from head to toe.

Corinth escapes from Sueño, the kingdom of Morpheus, and hides in the Waking World -Earth-, where he is fascinated by how brutal humans can be; however, the Sandman considers it a failed creation so he decides to destroy it, when he is about to do so. Roderick Burgess, an aficionado of the dark arts, captures him.

Boyd Holbrook it is the commission to give life to Corinth. The American actor rose to fame after playing Steve Murphy in the series narcs. Among his most famous films are Milk, lost, the Guest Y Logan.

Roderick Burgess

Surely your face looks familiar to you, and that is because the actor who plays the ambitious Roderick is Charles Dance, known for his role as Tywin Lannister in game of Thrones Y Lord Mountbatten in The Crown. Although she has participated in more than 50 films, such as Alien 3 Dracula Untold either The golden child.

Roderick Burgess is cult leader The order. At the beginning of the 20th century he tries to summon and imprison death to force her to revive her eldest son, but ends up capturing the Sandman, who steals his holy objects: a bag of sand, a helmet and a ruby, with which he manages to amass a great fortune, power and influence.

sand man character


The choice of Kirby Howell-Baptistewhom we have seen in series like why Women Kill Y The Good Placeas Death has been the one that generated the most controversy at the time, given its little resemblance to the physical appearance of the character in the comic.

Undoubtedly, the actress’s work is impeccable, as she manages to capture the warm and compassionate essence of the goddess, who besides being Sandman’s older sister, she is also his best friend, he entrusts his plans to her and asks her for advice. Contrary to what is usually believed about Death, in the series he is a kind being, who leads the dead to a better place.

johanne constantine

This role is another of the changes that history underwent, since in the comics the iconic John Constantin; however, for the series they decided to give her the name of Johanna, who is played by Jenna Colemanprotagonist of the series Victory, Doctor Who Y The snake.

Like her ancestor, Johanna is something of a mercenary dedicated to hunting down demons and returning them to Hell. She is an ally of the Sandman.

Mervyn Pumpkinhead

Is he concierge of the Palace of the World of Dreams, and thus his goal is to clean up any disaster that befalls the Sandman kingdom. He is a pumpkin-headed scarecrow and has a quirky sense of humor.

For the series it was decided that Nicholas Anscombe will interpret it, but with the voice of Mark Hamill, Known for bringing Luke Skywalker to life in starwars and his career as a voice actor, in fact he lends his voice to the villain Joker in animated series and video games.


And here we have another star of game of Thrones: Gwendoline Christie. The actress famous for her role as Brienne of Tarth plays Lucifer, The Morning Star and one of the three monarchs of Hell.

He has some misgivings about Sandman, since he humiliated him in front of his millions of demon-subjects. Like the biblical stories, he was the most beautiful and powerful angel, until he rebelled against God and now rules over hell.


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