Home Entertainment Sammy slipped after misdiagnosis: report of Sammy’s girlfriend

Sammy slipped after misdiagnosis: report of Sammy’s girlfriend

Novia de Sammy

Zulika Garza reveals that the doctor misdiagnosed.

Kolyma.- Zuleika Garza, Sammy Perez’s girlfriend talks about the health condition of the comedian, who has been intubated after presenting complications from being infected with COVID-19.

In an interview to a medium, the woman assured that when she saw the actor, he too fell ill. they thought it was a simple cough, but later began to render other Symptoms that are triggered by alarm. Now it has been confirmed that he is infected with Coronavirus and is very serious, because of poor condition of your lungs.

Would a poor diagnosis have affected?

Speaking to Multimedia, Julika said that the doctor who treated her assured her that her symptoms were due to cough, so when it got worse, Sammy did not want to go to the hospital. The comedian’s girlfriend told that she forcibly took him to the hospital, where they told him that he had Kovid.

they already gave him the diagnosis and we think It was a normal cough. And it really didn’t look bad. And when I saw him wrong, I told him to leave. he didn’t want to and i took him forcibly And then it turned out that he had COVID, with the test”, expressed Sammy Perez’s girlfriend to the media.

How is Sammy Perez?

Zulika Garza hints that at the moment he has assured her that her boyfriend has made a small progress, but she knows that he is still fragile, as she is still intubated.

“The doctor told me which is still stableHis oxygenation is very good, with around 80 and 90 oxygenations in his lungs,” highlights Sammy Perez’s passionate partner.

The girl also remarked that when Sammy found out you have covid-19 gave him a low mood that affected you Health.

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