Home Entertainment Sammy Pérez’s girlfriend responds to criticism from Eugenio Derbez (videos)

Sammy Pérez’s girlfriend responds to criticism from Eugenio Derbez (videos)

Sammy herencia

He also denied what was said by the comedian’s nephews.

COLIMA.— Zuleika Garza, who is identified as the girlfriend of Sammy perez He reappeared to deny his alleged disappearance. After the criticism issued by Eugenio Derbez and Sammy’s nephews, the woman assured that did not abandon to also an actor in the hospital as they confirmed.

It is isolated by doctor’s instructions

Previously, Eugenio assured that Zuleika had escaped and left in the abandoned her fiancé, however, the woman assures that she did not flee or is in hiding, she is only in confinement on the recommendation of her doctor.

I have not run away I have not hidden, here I am in Colima. I did not abandon Sammy At no time, am I in isolation as the doctor told me, “said Sammy’s girlfriend over the phone with the program” Es Show. “

Sammy Pérez'S Girlfriend Responds To Criticism From Eugenio Derbez (Videos) - Light Home News

The sammy’s couple He also defended himself against Derbez’s accusations and assured that he talks about her without knowing her. Zuleika Garza also commented that the producer he was not aware of sammy and that neither he nor anyone on his team came to the hospital to take care of the comedian.

Mr. Derbez referred to me without knowing me, that I had abandoned Sammy. He is not aware of it. He found out what was happening to Sammy at the clinic because I told his nephews and the manager about it. He was never in Colima at any time. It is a lie that a team was here in Colima and here I am, ”said Zuleika.

Do you have Sammy’s accounts?

Sammy’s girlfriend assured that she does not have the bank accounts of her deceased boyfriend, he even pointed out that sent “some people” so that they will hand over the bank cards from Sammy to his nephew, Daniel Pérez.

“Those cards were handed out on the day before. [31 de julio]”Declared the comedian’s partner.

Ernesto Chavana defends Zuleika Garza

In the program “El Gossip”, Ernesto Chavana went out to defend sammy’s girlfriend, ensuring that the woman did not run away and he doesn’t want money either. The driver pointed out that he is still in contact with her so he knows that she did not disappear as he said Eugenio Derbez and the comedian’s nephews.

After various media accused Zuleika Garza having fled with large amounts of money from Sammy Pérez, Chavanna said it is a lie, because she did not flee, she is not looking for money and is very affected for the death of Sammy Pérez.

“We have been in communication since we found out that Sammy was hospitalized […] She has not fled, she answers all the messages, “said the presenter of” Es Show. ”

Likewise, the driver indicated that he offered to “hold a benefit event”, but she refused and asked to be handled with the relatives.

“Told me I do not want to intervene in issues of financial support […] they land it with family members because this can be misinterpreted and it is what I least want, “said Ernesto Chavana.

Finally the presenter assured that Sammy’s girlfriend will come out to give her statements: “She is going to show her face at the time and is going to see things that are being handled in a bad way,” he said. Chavana.