Salman Khan will get Rs 250 crore for hosting ‘Bigg Boss 14’

‘Bigg Boss’ will once again be seen hosted by Salman Khan. This is the 14th season of the show. The 13th season of ‘Bigg Boss’ was popular among fans due to many controversies. This time it is rumored that Salman Khan has taken Rs 250 crore to host the show.

Sources in the show recently spoke to web portal Bollywood Hungama about Salman Khan’s fees. According to this report, Salman Khan is the highest paid actor in the TV industry. Salman will be given Rs 250 crore for the 14th season of ‘Bigg Boss’. Salman will only be shooting one day and will shoot two episodes in one day. Salman Khan will get Rs 20.5 crore in just one day. Salman is set to shoot two episodes in one day and will get Rs 10.25 crore per episode.

‘Bigg Boss’ deal beneficial for Salman

In ‘Bigg Boss 13’, Salman Khan was often angry at the contestants and often solved the problem. Many times Salman Khan lost his temper. Salman Khan got Rs 200 crore for this season. Salman Khan also deals with the channel to attend some award shows. However, this time all the awards ceremonies have been postponed and that is why the deal has been beneficial for Salman this year.

The show will begin after the set is repaired

The set of ‘Bigg Boss’ is being made in Filmcity. The repair work of the set is pending. The work is currently suspended due to continuous rains. Earlier, the show was scheduled to start on September 27, but now it will start on October 4.