Salma Hayek steals camera in Eternals teaser

This May 3, Marvel released a trailer where he announced his next releases, as well as previews of some films, among all the images you could see Salma Hayek What representative face of Eternals.

The first Mexican to star in a film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), will incarnate Ajak that although in the comics he is a man, for this film along with other characters he underwent modifications.

It was decided that this character was played by someone from Mexico due to the inspiration of the Aztec culture that it has.

Even if many fans have made images to come up with what Salma will look like with his costume at Eternals, we’ll still have to wait to find out.

However, during the trailer for the presentation of the following films, the actress from Veracruz could be seen riding a horse and wearing a hat, being the first of the cast to have a close up in those images.

Tape is scheduled for November 2021, and next to Black widow (July) and Shang-Chi (September), will be the films that will be released this year.

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