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Salma Hayek reveals her Hollywood star

Salma Hayek estrella en Hollywood

The Veracruz woman used this important moment to remember the discrimination she had experienced in the United States.

THE ANGEL.- Salma Hayek revealed your star on the paseo of fame from Hollywood, that was the Mexican actress perpetuated in one of the most important locations in the film industry. To that honor, Salma thanked for the recognition and he dedicated his star to all fans who gave him “courage”.

“I would like to say to everyone who is here, my dear fans, that it was you who gave me the courage to stay here [EE.UU.]”The” Frida “actress mentioned.

Salma Hayek was well escorted in the unveiling of her star

The Veracruz actress surrounded herself with family and great friends to receive her your star in hollywood, this is like Chloe Zhao, Director who recently worked with Salma Hayek in “Eternals”, and her close friend the actor Adam Sandler They have teamed up to accompany the Mexican at this special moment.

Likewise, Salma received the support of her husband Francois-Henri Pinault and Hayek his daughter Valentina. The actress’s parents also attended the reveal. Sami Hayek Domínguez and Diana Jiménez Medina, as well as his brother Sami Hayek and his wife.

There was also at the event Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles who is a close friend of the actress.

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Salma remembered trying to stab her before she became a great actress

Salma Hayek remembered that two years after the move To the United States had a seizure when i was in with a couple of friends Hollywood Boulevardbecause a man threatened her with a knife. Fortunately, the actress and her friends managed to escape, however the trauma remained So every time I thought of this place He remembered the terror he had lived.

“Why am I telling you this story? Because every time I think of Hollywood Boulevard, I remember it. And the truth is that that night when I went home I said to myself, ‘What am I doing here? here. You almost killed me today, ‘”said the actress.

Besides the “terrible” episode from his past, Salma remembered the discrimination she had suffered When it arrived in the US:

“I remember going to the cinema once and someone slapped me on the back of my chair and said, ‘Mexicans, don’t sit in front of me, go back to your country‘ […] Another time I was in a cafeteria and Someone grabbed my arm, pulled me out of line and he told me, ‘I’m not going to stand in line for a Mexican woman,’ said Salma.

The Mexican also stated that the producers They suggested returning to Mexico Doing soap operas because they didn’t think he could ever be successful in American cinema.

“But I stayed here,” said the actress, who also appeared in the Ridley Scott film “House of Gucci”.

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