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Salma Hayek is honest about the teaching that Queen Elizabeth II left her

The passing of Queen isabel II At 96 years old, it has not only represented a profound loss for the British people, but also for several artists and celebrities who maintained a close friendship with the monarch or, well, found in her an example to follow. Under this scenario, Salma Hayek remembered one of the tips he learned from the sovereign who reigned for seven decades United Kingdom.

Through her Instagram account, the actress lamented the death of Elizabeth II, known to her loved ones as Lilibeth, and shared one of the great lessons that the queen left her.

Dr. Simi’s teddy appears in a flower offering dedicated to Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom

Along with a photograph in which Elizabeth II appears in one of her iconic and colorful outfits, Salma Hayek recalled one of the famous phrases of the monarch that hints at the vision she had about life and the best way to face it.

Every day is a new beginning, I know that the only way to live my life is to try to do the right thing, look long term, give my best in everything the day brings and put my trust in God.

Following this precept, the actress – who has just turned 52 – emphasized that every day is a new opportunity to show a renewed version of ourselves.

“After becoming the longest reigning monarch in UK history, Queen Elizabeth II leaves us a reminder that every day is a new beginning and the inspiration to try to give our best every day“, he added.

And he concluded by sending his condolences to the royal family, who today continued with the funeral services in Edinburgh: “My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. Rest in peace”.


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