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Sabrina Sabrok premiered a new song with explicit lyrics with Mr. Pimp

Sabrina Sabrok released a new song with Mr. Pimp with quite explicit lyrics (Photo: capture YouTube Mr. Pimp)

The adult content actress, sabrina sabrokhas been giving something to talk about in recent days and this time he surprised his followers with the premiere of a song with the rappers Chikis-Ra Y mr pimp.

Asimiso, Sabrina shared through her official account of Instagram that the theme was already available. “My new video clip P*rnStar is already on YouTube with @mrpimpdog and @chikis_ra_oficial. Do not miss it”.

The material has a quite explicit lyrics As for sexual themes, however, Sabrok’s verses tend to be much more allusive to the adult content industry, since he even describes what he does in the videos.

Video clip P*rnStar by Sabrina Sabrok (Photo: Instagram @sabrinasabrokreal / capture YouTube Mr. Pimp)
Video clip P*rnStar by Sabrina Sabrok (Photo: Instagram @sabrinasabrokreal / capture YouTube Mr. Pimp)

The video already has 4 thousand 28 views on YouTube. Mr. Pimp initially appears on a rooftop with a Mexican flag hanging on a clothesline and a crazy outfit.

After her appearance, Sabrina Sabrok appears in a red dress, black glasses and in what appears to be a mechanical workshop with motorcycles and other models in the background. “I’m the most pe ** do not come to me with your shit ***”, is one of the verses of the song.

This has not been the only subject of the actress since since 1997 she has dedicated herself to the world of music and acting, since she studied musical culture, singing and dramatic art in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sabrina music video (Photo: Instagram @sabrinasabrokreal / capture YouTube Mr. Pimp)
Sabrina music video (Photo: Instagram @sabrinasabrokreal / capture YouTube Mr. Pimp)

In 2006 it was when he released his first solo song called sabrinathen they came playing with blood in 2008, Antisocial in 2009, Coming soon in 2011, Welcome to the Human Race in 2013, Dangerous Love in 2016 and Deal with the Devil in 2016.

Recently, Argentina had a controversy with Bella de la Vega, who expressed that she did not want to work with her again because she would like to make herself known in the entertainment world as an innovative producer and also because Sabrina wanted to make a stronger video.

“In fact when I got to Sabrina’s house and she opened the door for me she expected something she calls hardcore, that is to say something of what he does and sells for his public and since I don’t have that public and I’m not interested in selling that, I told him ‘Let’s see something calmer with more reserve or more modesty’. declared de la Vega.

He also expressed that he is not afraid or embarrassed to perform certain scenes but that he did not want the situation to be misunderstood in another way. “If I was quite reserved and I would not like to repeat things like that.”

The meeting between the celebrities caused a stir among their followers (Photo: Instagram)
The meeting between the celebrities caused a stir among their followers (Photo: Instagram)

On the other hand, a few months ago Sabrina Sabrok expressed her desire to invite Alfredo Adame to participate in intimate videos and even told the then girlfriend of the actor, Magali Chavez.

She explained that if it were possible to record something with Adame, the theme would have to be unusual, that is, something according to his personality, such as fighting with someone.

“It has to be something bizarre. In the porn something bizarre, a scene that comes to mind according to him, something strange, fighting with someone, I don’t know. Something like that down the street let a scene start like this”, he declared.

And it is that the actress is currently very focused on creating content for adults in her production company, as well as uploading photos to her Only Fans account, in which she has already had several collaborations and even said that she would like to do one with Belinda either Celia Lora.


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