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Ryan Phillippe jokes ‘I know what you did last summer’ 25th anniversary made him feel ‘like a dinosaur’

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Ryan Phillippe is reflecting on one of his first major film roles as it nears a milestone anniversary. The actor sat down with ET’s Matt Cohen this week to promote his new film, colloidAnd took a moment to look back on one of his first thrillers, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

The teen slasher flick celebrates its 25th anniversary this October, and Philip laughs, “It just makes me feel like a dinosaur, honestly.”

In the horror film co-starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie, he said, “I mean, I remember a fair amount, because it was only my second or third film and I was so excited to do it. ” Prinz Jr. as a group of teenagers who hit-and-run on a pedestrian, only to be terrorized by a killer who threatens to reveal their deadly secret.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
Columbia Pictures

“Nothing but fond memories of that time… I was 19 when I made that film, so it has a lot of young memories attached to it, but I’m glad I did it for sure. ” Philip reflected, sharing that his early films were the beginning of some lifelong friendships. “I just saw Sarah Michelle, and we came together for Selma [Blair]It’s a recent birthday.”

actor’s latest thriller, colloid, follows three couples who cross paths during an evening at a Los Angeles restaurant. Philip and Kat Graham play one of the couples who are on a blind date in the film.

“One of the most interesting things to me about this process was that Kat and I didn’t really meet each other or spend time around each other until we sat down and started filming. Dete, which was great,” he shared. “We didn’t really know much about each other before we started, so it felt very fitting for our characters’ experience.”

The father of three has also given his 18-year-old son, Deacon, the acting bug, whom he shares with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon. Deacon set to debut on-screen with Season 3 never have I ever, He recently graduated high school and is going to college in the fall.

“I’m very proud. He’s about to go to college for music. That’s his primary focus. The acting he likes to do, and he’ll do it according to what his appetite is, but his focus is mainly music, The proud father shared. “Music, he’s actually dropping a mixtape on SoundCloud this Friday. It’s incredible. I’m so excited for people to hear it. It’s really cool stuff. I’m so proud.”

Watch more in the video below. colloid In theaters August 5th and available on demand on August 12th.

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