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Ryan Gosling credits his mother for supporting women on set (EXCLUSIVE)

Ryan Gosling is a champion for the women in his life!

At the premiere of his new film, gray manThe actor was praised by his co-star, Alfre Woodard, for defending and searching for women on the sets of the film. So who owes this trait to the 41-year-old star?

“My mom,” he told ET’s Lauren Zima at the film’s premiere on Wednesday.

Woodard shared how he saw Gosling defend Ana de Armas in the middle of shooting a scene. “I mean, he’s a guy who looks out for women,” she told ET. “He gets women and every time [de Armas] asked, said, suggested something and then it went around the whole set… you know, everyone has an opinion, [but Ryan] Always said, ‘I’m with Ana on this.'”

Ryan Gosling
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De Armas echoed her co-star’s sentiments, sharing that she felt good knowing that Gosling had her back on set.

“It makes me happy because I admire Ryan so much,” she said. “I remember when I first came to L.A., I really didn’t speak much English and I just found my agent, and I had no way of explaining then and I remembered it as, ‘I just want ryan [Gosling’s] career.’ watch it now! It is so funny.”

On set, the star also kept a close eye on 13-year-old actress Julia Butters and gave her tips on becoming a child actor, but said she herself has a lot of knowledge to share about filmmaking.

Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans
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“He had a great team of people around him and he did a great job,” Gosling said. “I guess you know she’s a filmmaker too? When the cooks first introduced me to her, when we all first met, she was showing the movies she was making. She’s a filmmaker I have come to this from the perspective of

Gosling, of course, is surrounded by girl power in the house as well. The actor lives with his longtime partner, Eva Mendes, and their two daughters, Esmeralda, 7, and Amada, 6.

gray manWhich also stars Chris Evans and reggae-jean Page, will hit theaters on Friday and on Netflix on July 22.

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