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‘Rugrats’ Holiday Special Sneak Peek: Tommy and his friends get a talk from Angelica (exclusive)

'Rugrats' Holiday Special Sneak Peek: Tommy and his friends get a talk from Angelica (exclusive)

the Rugrats are ready to celebrate the holidays!

The multi-denominational special episode “Traditions” follows Tommy’s first Hanukkah on Christmas Eve, and the Pickles juggle their family traditions to make sure everyone feels important while celebrating Las Posadas with Betty and her family. The episode aims to explain the different ways in which the holidays are celebrated and how families from different cultures come together to create their own unique traditions.

In ET’s exclusive Sneak Peek from the half-hour episode, Tommy and his little friends learn a little more about Hanukkah – and get an unexpected lecture from Angelica.

“Is anyone’s birthday?” Tommy asks innocently when he sees the menorah high up on the table. Susie tells them it’s actually a Jewish holiday, and she got chocolate coins from her mother’s friend.

“The holidays aren’t scary!” Chuckie closes delightfully.

While learning about other vacation traditions, Angelica storms into the room.

“Oh, again, you babies don’t know anything about anything. And you want me Explain everything! “, she says, and joins the conversation dramatically. Angelica exposes almost everything that the babies have just been told and tells them everything about what Santa Claus does on Christmas Eve.

“Santa Claus comes and gives presents to children who are really good all year round and have done nothing bad, just like me! Ask my dear cousin and his friends that I do love soooo a lot? “exclaims Angelica, chattering a little because she is, well, Angelica. She ends her mini-lecture with a short aside to the man who is responsible for the presents:” Hope you saw that, Santa Claus.”

Guest stars for the episode are Raini Rodriguez as Gabi, Swoosie Kurtz as Minka, Henry Winkler as Boris (who ad-lib the Hanukkah prayer in the episode) and Tata Vega as Tia Esperanza.

“It’s a wonderful story. It’s very heartwarming. ” Rugrats Original cast member Cheryl Chase recently told ET about the episode. “It explains the ABCs of the holidays and explores how families from diverse cultural backgrounds come together and celebrate new and unique traditions.” As for Angelica’s role in the story, the veteran actress said with a chuckle, “She’s done with her old gimmicks and it’s not the best Angelica, let’s put it that way!”

the Rugrats special holiday episode will air Thursday, December 2nd on Paramount + and will air on Friday, December 10th at 7:30 p.m. ET / PT on Nickelodeon. Please see below for more information.

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