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Monday, September 26, 2022

RUDE? King Carlos III is captured in an uncomfortable moment

  • King Carlos III ‘snubs’ an employee!
  • The moment was recorded and quickly went viral.
  • It happened during the royal proclamation

SHUNT IN THE FULL ROYAL CEREMONY! King Carlos III is being teased and heavily criticized on social networks, after a material was released showing “rude” with one of his employees during the proclamation of the reign. In the videos that have gone around the world, the attitude of the new king is observed, they have not hesitated to make comparisons with the late Queen Elizabeth II.

And it is not the first time that the king has gotten into a series of criticisms for his attitude with people; in the past, certain gestures of the new king have been characterized as “profanity”. It was in the year 2005, when reporters were attacked by the attitude of the then prince in moments of tension during one of his particular Sky vacations together with his children, William and Harry, which led him to be angry.



This September 10, King Carlos III was involved in a scandal during his royal proclamation ceremony when an incident occurred while signing a document relevant to the process. The gestures made by King Carlos III became viral on social networks, where complaints about his attitude did not wait and comparisons with the late Queen Elizabeth II also arrived.

The moment stood out for the historical importance of the event, it was clouded by the attitude of King Carlos III and the gestures he made against his employees; The very notorious gestures of the new king stood out because the moment was being televised and any action did not go unnoticed by the audience.

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