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Rubí was worried because she will sing ‘Your lack of wanting’ by Mon Laferte at La Academia: “I don’t know why they thought I would achieve it”

(Photo: IG @laacademiatv)
(Photo: IG @laacademiatv)

Rubí has ​​become one of the most beloved contestants on The Academy: 20 years despite the fact that she is constantly branded by the critics panel as a bad singer. But, shortly after the end of the program, the competition seems to be gaining strength and the young woman was worried because during the next weekend he will have to interpret the success your lack of love by Mon Laferte.

It all started during one of the rehearsals of the native of San Luis Potosí and Eduardo, who met with professor Menny Carrasco to refine some details. there ruby gave his opinion about the high vocal range that the melody has and deepened that he did not understand why that had been his assignment.

“Of this song there are many that go up (in tone) is what I do say. I don’t know why they thought I would make this song”, he sentenced.

At this, his friend Eduardo intervened and expressed his solidarity with Rubí by expressing that he also felt a little nervous about the presentation, since it did represent a vocal challenge for him as well.

“I more than anything for the challenge too, because it is difficult”, he sentenced.

Later in another fragment recovered from 24/7 in TikTok The moment when Rubí was in her bed rehearsing the Chilean song on her own was broadcast.

“Wow, I can’t do that, well I can, but…”, he said while singing some of the fragments of the melody.

Faced with the viralization of the clips, users on social networks quickly reacted to it and several of them agreed that it was not a melody that would help the young woman.

“Rubí always gets difficult songs, the damn spring and the one they gave him from Jenni Rivera.” “They’re going to apply Jolette’s and they’re going to take her out in the semifinal, although it’s too bad that Eduardo is a finalist when Fernanda deserved it more”. “They are stabbing us”, were some of the mentions.

However, not all reactions were negative for The most famous quinceañera in Mexico, since several of his fans sent him messages of support.

“Come on, rubí, I support you, you want to, you work hard and it will be worth it, come on”. “Wey why do they say he sings badly[cry] I like how it sounds, just struggling on high notes.” Imagine that he surprises everyone by doing well, ”they externalized.

It should be remembered that, after recovering from COVID-19, next Saturday Rubí will return to the stage of The Academy: 20 years to fight for their place in the final.

However, and in the midst of the controversy that has unleashed week after week at concerts, Rubí shared his prognosis completely ruling out his involvement in the latter.

It was the influencer Pablo Chagra who shared such information through your account Twitter. According to the collaborator of the reality show, after the last concert of The academy He had a talk with the potosina where he shared that in recent days he has had recurring dreams about leaving the program, for that reason he feels that: “I’m leaving this Sunday”.

And it is that Rubí has ​​dreams where she predicts what is going to happen, such as the departure of Isabela and Santiago and the illness that everyone had except Mar and Cesia.


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