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Rubén Cerda reveals if he can lose his house after Sergio Sendel’s ‘fraud’: I have lived here since 2014

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Ruben Cerdafamous actor and comedian, is still involved in controversy, after it was affected by a property that he bought from María Elena Saldaña ‘La Güereja’who in turn bought it from Sergio Sendel and it was not his but Jorge Reynoso’s. In the midst of the controversy, Cerda updated how her case is going and revealed if she fears losing her.

It was in an interview for First hand where Rubén Cerda decided to delve into the subject of his real estate assets and if he is afraid of staying on the street.

Rubén Cerda bought Sergio Sendel’s ‘illegal’ house; he finds out live in front of the owner: “this is my land”

According to his testimony, the house was purchased in good faith. He explained that he acquired it since 2014 and that he has all the payments in order:

“I acquired that house with good will, in a peaceful way and I have lived in this house since 2014 continuously. I have electricity, telephone, water, pay television bills in my name,” he said.

In this sense, he announced that he has not been legally notified, although he does have all the papers that support him as the owner of the house. In this sense, he hopes that good measures are taken for Cerda, he said that she has already spoken with ‘La Güereja’ about the situation in which they are involved. He hopes that they will take the pertinent measures to solve the legal problem:

“I would be a third party in this negotiation, the one who made the transaction was her and I suppose that she will be taking the appropriate measures for this situation… My lawyers told me to be calm,” he clarified.

Finally, Rubén Cerda clarified that at the moment he is focused on the health of his wife, who is hospitalized.

Rubén Cerda: that’s how he found out that his house he bought was illegal

Some days ago, Rubén Cerda, famous actor and comedian, was tremendously surprised to find out that he was also deceived and scammed by Sergio Sendel and not only María Elena Saldaña, ‘La Güereja’. This after Sylvia de Rugama, Jorge Reynoso’s sister, decided to go to her property to inform her of what had happened. The rough meeting was recorded thanks to windowing.

It was through the Ventaneando program where Ruben Cerda along with his family was shocked to learn that his house had been bought with false papers, thus resulting in the property belonging to Jorge Reynoso and his sister.

The famous bought the property from María Elena Saldaña, ‘La Güereja’, long before the irregularities in the properties that allegedly began with the sale of Sergio Sendel were uncovered.

Until his property, the Ventaneando cameras recorded the rough meeting between Cerda and Sylvia de Rugama, where it was the reporter who explained everything that was happening, because initially the actor defended with his daughter that he was the owner of everything .

“I am the owner of the land,” Cerda said.

“This is my land,” said Reynoso’s sister.

“We are accompanying her because she is claiming many houses, because it is not the only house that was dispossessed, we have already gone to other houses, where she claims that they have dispossessed her, not you,” the reporter clarified.

Calmer, it was mentioned that Rubén Cerda was “a bona fide third party”, which is why Sylvia de Rugama promised that this event would be resolved correctly and calmly.

For his part, Rubén Cerda thanked Reynoso’s sister for his attitude, since he was also indirectly swindled by Sendel.


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