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Rubén Cerda revealed if he could lose his house due to alleged fraud by Sergio Sendel: “I am a buyer in good faith”

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Rubén Cerda is involved in the scandal due to the origin of a property where he currently lives. Faced with speculation about the possibility of losing his residence after allegedly having been a victim of fraud, the beloved Mexican actor assured that he acquired the property in “good faith”, commenting that he already has the support of his lawyers to verify that he is the owner and explained why the deeds are not in his name.

It all started a few days ago, when Sylvia de Rugama and Jorge Reynoso they pointed out the actor Sergio Sendel and his blood relative for alleged theft, dispossession and fraud. According to the interview that Sylvia gave to TVNotessince 2015 the brothers would have occupied 14 properties that were not their property to put them up for sale through “false documents” and one of these would have been acquired by Maria Elena Saldaña, remembered for her iconic character, The Guereja.

“My father, José de Rugama Jiménez, passed away on March 11, 1992 due to natural causes. He was a great advertising businessman for a famous brand of beer […] my father left the properties in the care of a first cousin, Gabriela Sastre, but her power ended when my father died”, he declared for said medium.

Sylvia assured that the properties are part of the inheritance that her father left her and her brother, but unfortunately they had not been able to visit them because they both live abroad. So, her cousin Gabriela was in charge of keeping everything in order, however, after she got sick, one of her friends would have taken the opportunity to sell them. She thus pointed to Sergio Sendel and his blood relative as responsible.

But… what does Rubén Cerda have to do with all this?

The deeds that the TV Azteca program showed are in the name of "La Güereja".  (Instagram photo: @mariaelenasalof)
The deeds that the TV Azteca program showed are in the name of “La Güereja”. (Instagram photo: @mariaelenasalof)

As Sylvia de Rugama explained in the same interview for TV Notes, one of these properties was acquired by Maria Elena Saldaña, who in turn sold it to Rubén Cerda, current resident of the place. The face of a well-known brand of baby food had a talk with windowing where he said that it was approximately eight years ago when he acquired the property, but he still does not have the deeds in his name.

Everything is done legally before a notary public with the deeds of the land, with the predial of the land in the name of Mrs. María Elena Saldaña. I have been living in this property since 2014, showing myself as the owner of the property. My family lives here, I have bills for electricity, water, telephone, everything in my name or in the name of my wife,” she said.

I am a bona fide buyer

Regarding the claim he received from Sylvia de Rugama a few days ago, he commented that in the event that it is a fraud he would be one more affected, because he assures that he bought his house according to the law. He also mentioned that so far he has not received any complaint and he hopes that his lawyers will find a solution very soon.

It seems to me like an affected third party in the sense that the situation is directly between Mrs. Silvia de Rugana and Mrs. María Elena Saldaña. Until now I have not received any type of document, nothing, my lawyers are already aware of this”, he added.

In the same context, he confessed that he had already established communication with Maria Elena Saldaña, who only told him that her legal team is investigating the background of the situation.

“I contacted her to see what was going on. She is also taking the pertinent actions of her with her lawyers […] It is a situation of fraud, if Mr. Sendel is involved, I do not know”, he said.


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