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Roselyn Sánchez and the challenge of replacing Ricardo Montalbán in the new version of Fantasy Island

Roselyn Sánchez and the challenge of replacing Ricardo Montalbán in the new version of Fantasy Island

Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sanchez take the post left vacant by Ricardo Montalbán, in the new version of the series The fantasy island, in which she plays a great-niece of Mr. Roarke, the character played by the Mexican actor.

For Sánchez, “the important thing was to maintain the dignity and the touch of majesty that Montalbán gave to the main character” of the strip, as he declared to the EFE Agency.

The original production of The fantasy island began airing in the United States in 1978 and it stayed on the air until 1984, although its creators assure that some chapter is always happening somewhere in the world.

Throughout Six Years, Ricardo Montalbán Imprinted His Style On Mr. Roarke, Who He Played In The Strip.  Photo Ap_Tara Farrell

Throughout six years, Ricardo Montalbán imprinted his style on Mr. Roarke, who he played in the strip. Photo AP_Tara Farrell

For this reason, Sánchez thought about it very well and dedicated a lot of time to building the character that represents a very important moment in the history of Latinos on television.

The 2021 edition of The fantasy island It will be released next August 10 on the Fox network.

Recorded entirely in Puerto Rico, it has a cast that includes, in addition to Sánchez, the American artists John Gabriel Rodriquez and Kiara Barnes. The latter is Roarke’s assistant, who in the original version was the character of Tattoo, played by Hervé Villechaize.

&Quot;The Island Of Fantasy&Quot;, In Its Original Version, With Ricardo Montalbán And Hervé Villechaize.

“The island of fantasy”, in its original version, with Ricardo Montalbán and Hervé Villechaize.

In this case, Barnes is an African-American woman who remains on the island after arriving as a woman in her 70s with only a few weeks to live. Transformed into a young woman in her 20s, Elena Roarke’s right hand is called Rubi Akuda and she is the furthest from the original character.

Conversely, Sánchez did want to bring Elena closer to her famous ancestor. The Roarkes continue to be presented as a mysterious family. Nobody knows if they are the ones who have the magic or if it is the island. “It is something that I wanted to be included in this new stage of history,” he said.

When I was building the character, Sánchez wanted to maintain the aura of the Mexican, who died in 2009, and at the same time print more tenderness, compassion, and even a little humor.

The scriptwriters of the series are women. Most of the episodes were directed by women. The two main characters are women. We had to give her feminine characteristics, but without losing her strength. After a lot of work and many consultations, I am very happy with what we achieved, he said.

On the island of enchantment

Unlike the original series, which was shot in studios, The fantasy island 2021 is a waste of outdoors. The cast and crew they spent three months in Puerto Rico, where the recordings were made.

My country is a wonderful island and it became another character in the series, said Sánchez, who was born in the capital San Juan on April 2, 1973.

It is an island where talent flows and is a paradise. It was very special for me to have done this project there. I can’t say it’s my credit. When the project came to me, it had already been decided that it would be done there. However, I am very proud to help Puerto Rico and its creators, especially audiovisual projects, which need more funding, he said.

According to the Puerto Rican governor, Pedro Pierluisi, the recordings of the series returned to the island 54.7 million dollars and created 418 direct jobs.

From miracle to miracle

For Roselyn Sánchez, the possibility of putting on the shoes of someone as iconic as Montalbán is more than a dream. Like visitors to The fantasy islandShe also has wishes that she would love to make come true, such as being able to get the recommended eight hours of sleep and ensuring the permanent health of her family, especially her children Sebella, 9, and Dylan, almost 4 years old.

The concept of the series follows the original: every week, for an hour-long episode, visitors to the island come expecting miracles and they live experiences that initially recall that saying that you have to be careful what you wish for.

But the actress, who has worked on series like Without a Trace Y Devious maidsShe claims to feel so happy and full that asking for something would be ungrateful. In fact, he emphasizes: my name is Roselyn Milagros and I feel that everything what I have in my life is so good that it is like a miracle. I’m very fortunate.

Source: EFE-Alicia Civita