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Rosalía was rejected from this reality show; This is how the ‘motomami’ defended herself |VIDEO

Rosalia She is one of the most famous singers today. However, not everything was easy for her. Well, he had previously received rejection in a music reality show. as you read itthe famous had to follow her dreams despite everything. In social networks they have resumed that episode that propelled her to be where she is today. They even compared her as the Jolette of La Academia.

It was through her social networks where Rosalía’s past was resumed. At the beginning of it, the interpreter was rejected from the reality show “You are worth it”.

“Girl, what do you say?”; This is Rosalía’s possible setlist for her concerts in Mexico

The show consisted of making a series of presentations of singing, dancing and comedy. A jury that decided whether or not to continue to the final round. In addition to the fact that the public was also important to know who was following or not.

At that time, Rosalía was only 16 years old. She, in her participation, sang the song “As in an eternal sea”. However, her interpretation was not to the liking of the judges. After receiving this refusal, the Spanish began to sing a cappella “No one” by Alicia Keys, which made her go to another round.


But his participation did not last long, because after singing leaves of Jojo, the judges rejected it:

“You have a lot of potential, but you still don’t know how to get it out,” said one of the judges.

“Nothing happens, I come here to receive criticism and learn from professionals like you. I accept your opinion”, reacted one of the judges.

Due to the above and after the illusions of the singer, Internet users assured that the famous one was the Spanish Jolette.


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