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Rosalía performed ‘Forgive me’ by La Factoría at her concert at CDMX

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

The rudeness of quality left by the Spanish singer Rosalía in Mexico City during her concert at the National Auditorium on the occasion of her international tour Motomami World Tour last Sunday, August 14, they continue to give their avid fans something to talk about on social networks.

On this occasion the interpreter of Despecha, with height either Saoko went viral in TikTok por interpret one of the favorite songs for debauchery, it is about Forgive me of the Factory.

In the video you can see the young Spanish woman, sing this cover of the Panamanian group with great feeling and her distinguished voice. It should be noted that in no other city on his tour Motomami World Tour I had played this theme.

As expected the cover of the singer-songwriter born in San Cugat del Vallés, Spain became a topic of conversation, leaving Internet users stunned who could not attend the concert of the mommy in the Colossus of Reforma.

“Everyone asking for Despecha, and I need this one.” “Rosalia became one of the most complete singers of the moment.” “This song is music history.” “I love her voice, I hope I get this cover.” “And if all together we ask Rosalía to release the studio version?”, are some reactions recovered in the comment box of the publication.

Rosalía’s concerts in the Mexican capital endorsed the support and affection that Mexican audiences have for her, her presentations left behind several moments of fun that have circulated on social networks, for example, when received up to 6 Dr. Simi stuffed animalsyour meeting with Danna Paola and several other facts.

(Instagram photos: @rosalia.vt)
(Instagram photos: @rosalia.vt)

This was not the only thing, because off the stage the 29-year-old singer visited one of the most colorful places near the capital, being more specific when visited the Quetzalcoatl’s Nest located in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

In this context, the Spanish interpreter resorted to her official account of Instagram to share with his almost 22 million followers a series of photographs he took during his visit to tourist space in the border area of ​​Mexico City.

It is a habitat that seeks to integrate humans into nature, avoiding affecting the local ecosystem. To one side of The nest is found the Quetzalcoatl Parka project created for the preservation of this green lung to the northwest of Mexico City”, can be viewed on the official page.

This was the reaction of the 'motomami' in CDMX (Photo: Twitter Capture)
This was the reaction of the ‘motomami’ in CDMX (Photo: Twitter Capture)

Likewise, within the publication they highlighted a couple of photographs where he posed enjoying some classic round fritters of the brand Totis and others in the form of shopping carts Barcelona. As expected, the star drove his Mexican followers crazy, who filled the comments section with compliments, applause for his likes and the occasional joke regarding the structures of the Quetzalcoatl’s Nest and their new stuffed animals.

This last fact caused a great sensation among his avid Mexican fans, who celebrated his aptitude and his fun way of being.

“What are you going to do with so many little dolls? doctor sim?”Alaska asked. “You found the country of the Teletubbies”. “Invite me of your Totis”. “Put a lot of snack sauce on the Totis and what a delight”. “Rosalía was in Naucalpan, it’s the closest we’ve been.” “T for Totis”. “Ta’ playing with a runner”, “I can’t love, Rosalía eating Totis”, were other reactions.


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