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Rommel Pacheco sends romantic detail to his wife

Rommel Pacheco y Lylo Fa

The influencer and model Lylo Fa showed her fans the romantic detail that the athlete had despite being in Tokyo.

MEXICO.— Unfortunately the Yucatecan Rommel pacheco stayed sixth in the men’s 3-meter springboard Olympic final in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

This result did not affect your image of Exemplary man, Conversely. After his defeat, hundreds of Mexicans have expressed their admiration and pride for what has been achieved in this competition in which it becomes his retirement from sport after almost 20 years of international triumphs for engage in politics as a federal deputy in Yucatán.

Likewise, it will also be dedicated to enjoy your marriage with the influencer Lylo Fa with whom he recently completed three months of marriage. Despite being on the “other side of the world”, the diver did not forget of this date, and through a video, his wife showed off the anniversary gift that he sent him.

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Quite a romantic

By posting on your Instagram account, the yucatecan model boasted that Roomel pacheco in addition to being a very committed athlete, he does not forget the important things that are also part of his life. Like the anniversary of his wedding.

Through a video, Lylo detailed that Rommel surprised her with a flower arrangement. With tears, the influencer pointed out that they were married for three months And the Yucatecan did not let it pass, he even had the great detail of sending him his favorite flowers: sunflowers.

In her recording, the Yucatecan indicated that she received several calls from a strange number, but because she was carrying out her activities for the day, she did not notice this, although when she got home she saw a man holding a bouquet of flowers.

The young woman too showed the card that came with the flowers. In it you could read a cut but very romantic message from Rommel to Lylo: “I love you, today and always…”.

Lylo finished his video indicating that he wanted to share that beautiful moment with his followers because “he loves those cheesy, disgusting details.”

Rommel Pacheco Sends Romantic Detail To His Wife - Light Home News

Rommel Pacheco and Lylo they got married on April 30 in Mérida, Yucatán. Wedding it was only done by the civilian and later they had a small reunion with his family and a few friends. That same day in the afternoon the Yucatecan attended a campaign event in which he was accompanied by his already wife. They both received congratulations and best wishes at this stage.

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