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Romina Sacre: “It’s about valuing ourselves first”

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Romina Sacréwhom we know from his podcast Sensitive and Chingonas and for his first book The sensitive does not take away the chingonaslaunches its second publication, love in the times of likein which he addresses the various types of relationships, the various forms of love, what lies behind each woman, but everything reaches the same conclusion: to have satisfactory and healthy relationships, you must first know yourself one hundred percent.

Throughout 11 chapters, an epilogue and a glossary, Romina ventures to share her bad experiences to connect with more women, of knowing that all of us at some point have lived in unhealthy relationships, full of stress or even toxic; however, it is in the same person to change direction, transform internally to be a better woman, person, learn to live alone or if you want to live as a couple (with all the problems). Romina traps the reader in her thoughts and experiences.

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I made this book so that women also know what kind of relationship is right for them and don’t go thinking that there is only one way, but that they can decide if they want a boyfriend, multiple partners, be single or have an open relationship.. Let everyone decide what resonates with them; break with this romantic idea that there is only one type of relationship, or that there is only one path and if you do not follow that path there is something wrong with you: you are the plague or the spinster, and no. I invite readers to take a dive, get to know four layers below to see what does and does not go with them, to learn how to choose better”, said Romina in an interview with MILLENNIUM.

a good mirror

It is not easy to know oneself; however, there are tools to start doing it: therapy, professional help, podcast, books that make the job easier. love in the times of like offers a comfortable, simple, fun and full of learning reading.

“If we don’t know each other well enough, we settle for the first thing that comes our way because we think that’s what we have to do: ‘I’m already in my thirties and the train is leaving’; all people are giving us something positive, all kinds of relationships, be my one night stand or a person with whom I want to live for the rest of my life, having people who add you to life helps a lot. If we don’t work on ourselves, we are going to relate through lack”, he stressed.

The book focuses on topics such as guilt, honesty, settling for crumbs for not feeling enough, and drop the question: what do we really want in a relationship?

“It is about valuing ourselves first, stopping blaming others and taking responsibility for our lives, making decisions, but it only happens when we really know each other; holding yourself accountable implies a lot of decisions that you have to make by yourself and for yourself, all the time; take off the glasses of illusion and start seeing people as they are”, shared the author, who has already spent several years working on herself.

A publication tool

One of the main phrases in her book is: “Being a cool woman is not at odds with finding love. And no, there is no other half, but sharing life with someone can make the days more fun.

Within the publication there are exercises, graphs, lists so that the readers can interact, generating a much more dynamic, comfortable and pleasant reading.


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