Home Entertainment Romina Marcos reveals controversial secret of Niurka Marcos

Romina Marcos reveals controversial secret of Niurka Marcos

Romina confirma que Niurka práctica la santería

The star’s daughter flaunted her mother by stating that Niurka was protecting her through Santeria.

MEXICO CITY – Romina MarcosNiurka’s daughter made a strong admission about her mother.

The young woman who recently won the “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy” competition held on the morning of Televisa also confirmed the controversial practice which the Cuban appears to protect her after starting her career as a dancer and singer.

Romina Marcos assures that Niurka is protecting her with Santeria

In an interview with TVNotas, the daughter of the dancer and actress assured that Niurka practices Santeria. However, the young woman pointed out that it is not a “bad thing” as is usually believed because her mother uses it to protect herself, her brothers and herself.

“Many people They think it’s an ugly religion, but it is a very nice belief to clean, protect and prevent them, ”explained Niurka’s daughter.

Romina has also pointed this out through a ritual and some bracelets of the religion her mother practices is how the Cuban woman combats her envy. Similarly, the young woman repeated that while it is said that those who perform santeria it hurts people, the reality is it isn’t.

“It is a very difficult religion that needs time, devotion and respect. You protect us through my mother, you protect you from envy,” said the young woman.

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Romina reveals why Niurka turned to Santeria

The theater actress also explained that Niurka has resorted to santeria Per Seek shelter against people who envy them for their “beauty and nature”. In Romina’s case, she needs the protection of Santeria due to its increasing popularity.

Niurka’s daughter confessed that she too your mother’s religion, Well, she has become aware of what it means to be a “daughter of Yemayá”.

“Also, I have to protect myself with bracelets that my mother sends me to make with people of their religion, and I always wear a bracelet. I am the daughter of Yemayá, the saint of the sea and every time I go to the sea I have to ask her permission enter, because if not, she can take me with her. Once I almost drowned because I didn’t ask for permission, so you have to be careful, “he said young.

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