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Romeo and Julieta Limeño, a Winston-Salem born Latin play

On July 23, the play entitled Romeo and Julieta Limeño, written by Matías de la Flor, a recent graduate of the School of Dramatic Art at the University of North Carolina (UNCSA) School of the Arts, was performed, which was a special one The experience was a staging for the Latin audience. It may interest you: Hispanic League, the organization that helps Latinos in Winston-Salem, is turning 30 in that country and trying to create a blend with its culture, in addition to working with a mixture of English and Spanish was presented.

“I was working on an adaptation of the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and Pablo Neruda, who did a translation; I’m trying to adapt it to my culture, being from Lima, Peru, where I’m from, and trying to give it my own twist by talking about food, family, even soccer, Latin American culture,” commented Matías de la Flor in an interview with La News.

Thus, the story was adapted to a very different setting from his original work, blending a culture practically unknown to the author at birth: “In Romeo and Juliet there are two families who do not get along and are not compatible in this case I went to two families who have different restaurants, one with more traditional food and the other more modern. I wanted to make this mix of this culture. In the play there is music, football games and cooking, we read the poems of Neruda and Shakespeare and also what I write,” said Matías. Romeo and Julieta Limeño was the play performed at Winston-Salem. (Photo: Courtesy Matías de la Flor) The adaptation was complicated, both for him as a director and for the actors, since they had to speak two languages ​​and convey feelings and emotions in both. “It’s different for the actors, I’ve never acted in a play that’s in English and Spanish. Going to those two languages ​​was difficult but it’s something important because as a Latino I want to have that power that we speak both languages ​​and that people who don’t speak Spanish see that you can have a love or with connect something,” shared the leader of the work. The Latino community reacted to Romeo y Julieta Limeño Part of the North Carolina Black Repertory Company, the play was performed on July 23; People responded fairly well and were accepted by the Latino public and non-Latino public alike.

“There were people who, even though they didn’t speak Spanish, still understood it, because Spanish is a romantic language, it has passion and fire, it can convey a lot of feeling, that’s what people who don’t speak Spanish hear, the feeling.” “I felt like they were listening, I was getting nervous, but it’s what you want them to listen, people stayed the whole show, at the end some people came up to me and told me they liked it and felt a connection,” Matías said of the public reception. You may also be interested in this: UNCSA Alumni Nominated for Emmys! Theater for Latinos in Winston-Salem Although the number of Latinos in Winston-Salem has increased significantly, there aren’t many entertainment options, that focus on them, especially in the theater, so Matías de la Flor wants to do his part.”I started writing this show for the community. I worked with the Artistic Director of the North Car olina Black Repertory Theater and told him that in Winston-Salem we have 36.6% Latinos and that it strikes me as spectacular that we don’t have live art, we don’t have theatre, so for this community , that’s when we started talking about it “I’ve always said if I want to do theater for Latinos, I could start in the future or I could start right now, so when I had that opportunity I said ‘here we start'”. He also assured that his school was an essential part of the project as they allowed him to develop his idea until it became a reality.

“I started the first part of this show in December at school because we have two weeks to do our own work… The school helped me a lot, they helped me do a little bit of press so the People can come It really is spectacular support and I think the school is the best in the world. I say that with a lot of feeling because the name isn’t the best, it’s because he cares about his students and their art,” he commented, moved by the institution’s support. Matías de la Flor is a proud Peruvian (Photo: Courtesy Matías de la Flor) The beginning of his career in theater Matías came to the United States at the age of five, together with his family they moved from Peru, although he never forgot his roots, although as a boy he played football and other sports, what really called him was the theater and so he first went to Florida and then joined UNCSA. “It was very difficult but I loved it and these last four years have been amazing, they’ve taught me a lot, more than just that I’ve learned a lot, I’ve learned to get to know myself, what kind of person I am and what kind of art I want to bring into the world.” “Coming into this school, I chose very well and I’m very lucky to have been here in Winston-Salem, it’s a very connected life, very quiet it’s not like new york and chicago and los angeles if i went there i don’t think i would have found the clarity that i have because when things are very busy you can get that lost, so it was spectacular for me to be here,” Matías said of his acting studies. However, he admits that being a Latino in the theater was difficult because opening doors is complicated, especially in the United States. ” There are Latinos in the theater, but we are very few. There are very few people, not only in school, but in everything that is theater … I have not had any classes in which I have acted in Spanish, obviously because we are in the United States and I am not saying that this is a bad thing. So I started working on it, and that’s how I got to know Pablo Neruda’s translation of Romeo and Juliet,” he commented on how complicated it is to be Latino in this industry. However, he assured that this is not something to forego as the Latino is always a struggling and hard working person.

“Latin American culture has always been about moving forward, always being focused and trying to make things positive. I try to follow that and tell that in my work and that we have a generation of Latino artists who come from every school, every country, but are obsessed with art.” Matías de la Flor tries to make Latinos very to set high. (Photo: Matías de la Flor) The future of Matías de la Flor and Romeo y Julieta Limeño Now Matías has plans for his work, but also for his career, because Romeo y Julieta Limeño will be streamed; while he will travel to New York to start a new adventure. “This is just the first step in this work, and I’m very pleased that it began here in Winston-Salem so that part of its story will live there forever. Now they can see the work streamed for the festival and they have the link to be able to do all of that. I’m moving to New York, so I’ll be there, looking for ways to continue this Latin American story, to have more life, and also people from different places, from different cultures, with different ideas, they can also see and have an experience, like they had the people here. It’s going on, and that’s the next rehearsal it’s time for.” “In New York, it’s the theater culture of the world, so I’m going to try to do my job and keep learning and connecting with more people see. I’m very excited. We keep working, these things take years to get to the level they will, but what’s important to me is that it continues to come from an authentic place and that we have the right people coming to make it happen see and say out loud that our culture has a lot of power, a lot of love and just having fun and connecting with people and being happy about it.” It may interest you: The Charlotte International Art Festival is about to debut, see all the details

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