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Rodrigo Prieto makes his directorial debut with the adaptation of Pedro Páramo on Netflix

Rodrigo Prieto will make his directorial debut with the adaptation of Pedro Páramo for Netflix, a project that is under development to revive the classic of Latin American literature; this was announced during the event Let Mexico be seenwith which the platform celebrates national cinema.

During the opening of the event, Francisco Ramos, VP of content for Latin America at Netflix, introduced Rodrigo Prieto and Juan Carlos Rulfo, heir to the Mexican writing, to talk about this adaptation, which becomes the opportunity to turn to see our history”, said Juan Carlos Rulfo.

Prieto is in the pre-production of this project at the same time that he participates as director of photography in Barbie, the new ribbon inspired by the Mattel doll that it will hit the screen next year; respect for his participation in Pedro Páramocommented that it fills him with pride to lead the project.

“For me Pedro Páramo for many years, like so many Mexicans, when I read the young man’s novel it had a great impact on me and I read it again years later with another perspective and it has been the opportunity to see it other times. Every time I see it with more and more details.”

The filmmaker mentioned that he received the invitation to direct the film while working with Martin Scorsese.

Rodrigo Prieto

“Stacey called me while I was in Oklahoma filming Scorsese’s latest movie, which has been editing for more than a year, and suddenly: ‘Netflix has the rights to Pedro Páramo and would you dare to direct? And I: ‘Yes, it goes’”.

The adaptation of the novel will feature the participation of Oscar winner Eugenio Caballero in art direction, as well as Ana Terrazas in costume design. The story is part of the projects that will arrive on the platform in 2023.


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