Rodrigo de Paul takes the stage with Nico Vazquezo

Rodrigo de Paul, one of the players of the national team who established himself during his holidays in Argentina, before joining his new club Atlético de Madrid America’s Champion On 10 July he visited the theater in Brazil. Rodrigo and his wife Camilla chose the job just one week, a drama starring Nicolas Vazquez, Gimena Acardi and Benjamin Rojas at the El Nacional Sancor Seguros Theater.

Rodrigo and Camilla share with the audience the comedy in which Vazquez and Acardi play the perfect couple until they decide to stay together. As is often the case when there is a celebrity in the theater, at the end of the performance, Vazquez invites him to come on stage and share the audience’s applause from there.

Vazquez is one of the favorite actors of football players who do not miss any of the actor’s work. One of the always present is Lionel Messi who is Nico’s personal friend. La Pulga was already in one of the works of just one week, in 2019. And apparently the public cheered him on when Vazquez announced it.

Rodrigo De Paul And Nico Vazquez On The Stage Of &Quot;One Week Nothing More&Quot;

Rodrigo de Paul and Nico Vazquez on the stage of “One Week Nothing More”

shared enthusiasm

Something similar happened on Friday night, when De Paul took the stage at the end of the show, adding to the celebration that the cast always performed when the play ended. Like a great catharsis, apart from the applause, there was chants, jumps, photos and lots of excitement shared.

After various halts of theatrical activity due to restrictions due to the pandemic, just one week It was re-released a few weeks ago at the El National Theater and that comeback had something more special than all the previous ones. It was an almost miraculous comeback by Vazquez and Acardi After the tragedy of the building collapse in Miami.

The couple was in Florida, United States on June 24, when the Champlain Towers residential complex, collapsed and broke.

Dozens of people died and went missing in the disaster. On the night of the tragedy, Nico and Gimena, who were staying in an apartment in the collapsed building during their vacation, went out to dinner and when they returned, they were able to take shelter in time. For a few minutes he saved his life. For this reason, returning to the theater was experienced with more emotion than ever before.

Enthusiasm Is Part Of &Quot;One Week Not More&Quot;, Work With Nico Vazquez, Gimena Acardi And Benjamin Rojas / Photo Agus Navarro

Enthusiasm is part of “One Week Not More”, work with Nico Vazquez, Gimena Acardi and Benjamin Rojas / Photo Agus Navarro

In the play, by French playwright Clément Michel, adapted and directed by Mariano Demaria for a local version, Pablo (Vazquez) and Sofia (Acardi) are a couple who love each other but have problems living together and are not Could think of a better idea he had to ask his best friend Martin (Rojas) to help him be with him.

But if day by day two were complicated, day three, it would be almost impossible. NS misunderstanding and misunderstanding They will continue to be a part of a classic sitcom with lots of rhythm and humour.

With this comedy, Vazquez, Acardi and Rosasu broke many audience recordsAlready, since the announcement of its re-run, tickets sold out in a matter of hours. Now, with restrictions and protocols that require rooms to be at 50 percent capacity (conditioned to be able to maintain hygiene measures), they remain one of the most convoy performers on Corrientes Street.