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Rod Stewart doesn’t know Ed Sheeran

Rod Stewart doesn't know Ed Sheeran

In a program recorded for Apple Music, Rod Stewart took the opportunity to talk about his album number 31, The Tears of Hercules, but also of his past, of the tours with the Faces and what it’s like to be a dinosaur of 76 very rocky years competing with Adele and Ed Sheeran.

At first, Stewart told Apple Music about her first attempt at writing songs with him stone Ronnie wood.

“I never put pen to paper while I was with all the bands I was with until I joined the Jeff Beck Group. And then Jeff said that we should start writing our own songs for one of his two albums. I think it was the second. Jeff said: ‘Guys, can you start writing songs? ” I said: ‘Okay, we’ll try …’

Jake Longstreth, The star interviewer of American internet radio walked him around and wanted to know what Rod Stewart would say to himself, but specifically to the 35-year-old Rod. “Hmm, I have no complaints. But I would say” be careful who to trust. Keep an eye out for pennies. The pounds take care of themselves. Keep your eyes peeled for the pennies. “

Rod Stewart Continues To Sing And Says He Really Enjoys Getting Into The Recording Studio.  Photos Martín Bonetto

Rod Stewart continues to sing and says he really enjoys getting into the recording studio. Photos Martín Bonetto

And to the question of what it feels like to compete with Adele and Ed Sheeran, the old sea dog replied that indeed that is something that is in his head.

What is it called?

“I think about it and I think I’m still here and I hope to have a top five album tomorrow. I was hoping it was number one, but I can’t compete with … Oh, I can’t talk about that in England. I mean, I can’t compete with Adele and ABBA and of course not with that little redhead either“.

Jake longstreth: Ed Sheeran?

Rod Stewart: What’s it called?

Jake longstreth: Ed Sheeran.

And Stewart, feigning insanity and looking you look!He continued: “Ed Sheeran is called the little redhead. Aha, well, I can’t compete with them. ABBA hadn’t released an album for 40 years, but there they are again. “

Then he sobered up again: “I would have never dreamed in a million years that I would still be recording and more importantly, enjoying it as much as I do. I love going on stage. I am a natural braggart. I always was before singing. I love to express myself with clothes and humor, and now I can do it with my voice, which the good God has given me “.

Soccer, Rod Stewart'S Other Great Passion, Which He Knew How To Pass On To His Children.  Photo Reuters / Eliseo Fernandez

Soccer, Rod Stewart’s other great passion, which he knew how to pass on to his children. Photo REUTERS / Eliseo Fernandez

Time to take care

Regarding the care of the voice, he expanded the back room to unheard of levels: “I take care of myself like an athlete. As you get older, you have to be very attentive. There are only a couple of muscles that are hit together in the throat.”

And he explained in detail: “You have to know how to take care of them, especially if it is your way of life. You should warm up for an hour instead of heating up your voice for 15 minutes. Besides, I can no longer stay late in noisy clubs. And all this for being older“.

It really is like being an athlete. Even when I do, when I do ten shows in Vegas, for example, it takes too much staging to pull it off. It is like soccer. It’s not just about going out and playing. Not anymore. Training is necessary. You won, but you can’t just go on the field and start playing because now you are a completely different entity. “

Record number 30

The Tears of Hercules it is Rod Stewart’s thirty-first studio album. There are nine original songs written by him, and versions of Marc jordan (The Tears of Hercules), Soul brother six (Some Kind of Wonderful) and Johnny cash (These are my people).

A kind of musical rehearsal close to the heart of old and dear Rod, especially in song Touchline, dedicated to his father, a man who taught him and his brothers to love football, a tradition that he repeated with his children.


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