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Rockmond Dunbar: 5 things to know about the ‘911’ star who left the show on the vaccine warrant

Rockmond Dunbar

Actor Rockmond Dunbar will no longer play Michael Grant in Fox’s “9-1-1” after failing to comply with the show’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

After five seasons, Rockmond dunbar has exited 9-1-1. 20th Television and Rockmond himself have confirmed that the 48-year-old actor will not be returning to Fox’s hit procedural series due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Rockmond, who played Michael Grant, the ex-husband of Angela BassettAthena Grant-Nash, since the show premiered in 2018, spoke about leaving the show in a report obtained by several news outlets after being struck off the show on November 15.

“I requested religious and medical accommodations in accordance with the law and my employer unfortunately refused,” he said. “My sincere beliefs and private medical history are very intimate and personal aspects of my life that I do not discuss publicly and have no desire to start now. As a man who walks in faith, I am look forward to what the future holds. I have enjoyed the past five seasons with this wonderful cast and team and will treasure the time I have had the chance to spend with this series and wish everyone the best. Below, read more about Rockmond Dunbar.

1. Rockmond is Nigerian.

Rockmond Dunbar
Rockmond Dunbar (Photo: Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

Rockmond was born in Oakland, California, but his ancestors are of the Yoruba race in Nigeria. In 2011, Rockmond traveled to Nigeria with his mother so they could reconnect with their ancestral ties, according to a past interview. During his trip, he would have received the name Yoruba Ombowale, which translates into English as “our son has come home”.

2. He has appeared on several successful shows.

Rockmond Dunbar
Rockmond Dunbar (Photo: 20th Century Fox / Kobal / Shutterstock)

Rockmond has a pretty impressive acting resume. One of his first roles was in the Showtime series from the early 2000s. Soul food, in which he played Kenny Chadway. Rockmond later had great roles in Prison break, Sons of anarchy, The mentalist and The path. He also made appearances in CSI: Miami, Grey’s Anatomy, Private practice, and Scorpio.

3. He was an original actor on ‘9-1-1’.

In November 2017, Rockmond was cast as Michael Grant in 9-1-1 alongside Angela Bassett, Peter Krause, Connie britton, Olivier stark, Aisha Hinds, and Kenneth choi. The show officially premiered on Fox in January 2018 and quickly garnered positive reviews from critics while also performing well in the ratings. Michael was married to Athena (Angela) at the start of the series, but their marriage eventually fell apart when Michael became gay. Michael’s friends and family supported him, and he eventually became romantically involved with Dr. David Hale (The Byrd World). In Episode 8 of Season 5, which aired on November 15, 2021, Rockmond was officially banned from the show when Michael decided to go to Haiti with David, who wanted to use his medical skills there to help people. in need. Before leaving, they got engaged!

4. He has been married twice.

Rockmond Dunbar
Rockmond Dunbar and his wife Maya Gilbert (Photo: Evan Agostini / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

Rockmond was previously married to Ivy holmes from 2003 to 2006. A few years after their divorce, he started dating an actress and writer Maya gilbert. They got engaged in Montego Bay, Jamaica on December 30, 2012, and their wedding took place in secret on June 11, 2013. And since then, they’ve grown their families!

5. He has 4 children.

Rockmond and Maya are the proud parents of four children: Berkley Seon, Cz., Pharaoh, and Sultan. Rockmond will often document fun family outings with the couple and their children on his Instagram page. On his 48th birthday in January 2021, he shared a snapshot of the four children hugging their father, and wrote: “48 years old and I love it !!!!. “

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