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Rockland will bring together 500 musicians on the same stage

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Rock is the genre that not only unites different generations, but also remains latent in the music industry, which is why the company NDE was given the task of creating a great concert called Rockland with 500 rockanroleros on stage for December 3 of this year.

After two years on hiatus from live concerts, Rockland will arrive at Sports City Stadium (formerly known as Estadio Azul), where various bands and singers will play the most emblematic songs of rock, generating a whole union among the attendees.

Tony Mendezknown for being the CEO of Rockotitlanone of the emblematic stages that offered diverse musicians spaces to make themselves known and make noise with their style, was at the press conference of Rockland; as well as Juan Carlos Navarro by Grupo Indie Rocks! Y Rodrigo RenovalesMadridproducer of this new show.

Everyone shared the details of the show that aims to introduce new talent, as well as honor the roots of the genre, the groups, the iconic bands, the classics and of course bring new generations closer to the most exciting of this rhythm.

“Rock, music transcends languages, culture, art; so it is to give it to the world with this concert that will have 500 musicians, it will be like a ceremony; this is a reminder to the world of music, it is a song to passion, conscience, respect, sanity; for me it is an honor to be part of it because I like to have so many musicians together and feel that energy from everyone, it is something wonderful and leave something good in others, because we will only leave flowers”, Tony told the media.

Juan Carlos considers that it is important to continue bringing culture and music to people, not only for fun and having a good time, but as a method of expansion, because by enjoying music, people connect from another level.

“It is a matter of responsibility to bring culture, give people spaces to play, enjoy and live; not many have this privilege of going on stage and playing in front of so many people, it’s something that moves me a lot. Music is universal, there are styles for everything and being able to link these rock classics, from bands dedicated to the new generations, to rucos like us who continue to enjoy it is extraordinary, ”he said.

And he added: “It will reach many people and those voices that are within the Show We hope that they manage to generate that passion, that they achieve it, because it goes beyond a show, it is a space that we give people to enjoy, it is a gift that they give to the universe.”

It is also a place for all those who want to be great musicians and want to transcend musical history, Renovales pointed out.

It is being able to give opportunities to people who are studying rock, also to people who signed up for Rockland to have special classes; there were agreements, they made a commitment to be able to arrive, it is important to continue creating new rockers, new schools are the ones that are going to replace the old ones, so the call is still open to those who like to join their school”, said the producer.

During the show we will be able to see vocalists, guitarists, drummers, bassists, all playing at the same time, there will be guest artists who are recognized, but it will still be a surprise. The idea is that it be the new version of a Rockotitlán, founded in 1985not exactly as it happened, but to give space to the new bands that are on the way, creating the largest rock group in Mexico.


This show will be with songs entirely in English, with themes from Rolling Stones, Queen, Guns N’Roses, among many others.

Next year a concert with pure rock in Spanish is planned.

To be part of “The biggest band in Mexico”, you can send your video to [email protected]


Rockotitlán was created in 1985 by Sergio and Fernando Arau.

The first concert was held on September 14 of the same year with groups such as Botellita de Jerez and Kerigma.

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