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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Rocío Banquells suffers a fall in full concert

Rocio Banquells, famous actress, suffered a heavy fall during a musical presentation. For this reason, the artist with a great career in the middle of the show demonstrated her professionalism and followed the show as if nothing had happened.

It was during the show windowing where they showed the incident that the famous happened during a concert.

Alfredo Adame assures that Mary Paz Banquells treated Vanessa, her daughter, badly: “A perverse woman”

According to what was reported, it was last Saturday, September 3, when the singer fell in full concert at the Río 70 Auditorium in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Everything was going in order during the show, until she approached her fans to say hello and take photos with them. She was singing the song “The Black Door” when she suddenly staggered and fell on her back.

Before the incident, a member of the mariachi offered to help her. Although the singer she decided to continue singing. The famous she took it with humor. With it, she showed the professionalism of her.


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