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Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, set to make directorial debut with ‘Lisa Frankenstein’

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Zelda Williams is gearing up to make her directorial debut! Robin Williams’ only daughter has been tapped to direct lady frankensteinA Focus feature film starring Katherine Newton and Cole Sprouse, ET confirms.

In the film, which is set in 1989, an unpopular high schooler accidentally re-animates a beautiful Victorian corpse during a lightning storm and uses a broken tanning bed in his garage to reinvent him into the man of his dreams. starts making.

Academy Award winner Diablo Cody wrote the screenplay, and will serve as a producer on the project with Mason Novick. Jeff Lampert will be the film’s executive producer, while Focus Features’ Vice President of Production and Development, Michel Momplassir, will serve as creative executive on the project.

Williams tweeted about the news on Wednesday, Writing“Zomb-com incoming! I repeat, zombie-com incoming!”

“I know Hollywood gets a bad rep for doing sequels and remakes and reboots… and yes, it totally does!” He added a follow up tweet, “But it is finally allowing me to create the most engaging, wonderful zombie script I have ever read, and for that, I will be forever grateful!”

In the third tweet, Williams addressed the fact that lady frankenstein would mark his feature-length directorial debut, writing, “For anyone who comes here saying ‘This is your first feature?!’, it was not meant to be. Three of my films before that had split, because Movies often do. It was discouraging to say the least. But the fact that it survived and became my first? A f**king gift.”

For flicks only, Williams teased“The film is made in the style of the 80s and involves a zombie. It is not reality and does not pretend to be. Stylistically, the actors are not teenagers, but teenagers (and a dead man). playing the role, because it was so many of my favorite ’80s movies.”

ET spoke with Williams at the Tribeca TV Festival in September 2018, and the filmmaker talked about how his late father’s advice on acting helped guide his career.

“It was always kind, work hard. I think the concept of ego has kind of taken hold for a lot of people in our industry, where they feel that what they are presenting is a special one for them. thing,” she said in those days. “And really, you’re not your audience, so all that self-consciousness and all that–that comes your way is really the best thing in whatever you’re doing.”

for principal photography lady frankenstein Expected to start at the end of this summer.

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