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Robin Roberts thinks her late mother would be ‘very happy’ with the new show ‘Turning the tables’ (exclusive)

Robin Roberts thinks her late mother would be 'very happy' with the new show 'Turning the tables' (exclusive)

Robin Roberts is ready to be real. The veteran TV journalist is hosting her own new series of interviews, and she’s getting candid with celebrity guests about everything from coming out publicly for the first time to being by her mother’s side when she passed away.

Roberts recently spoke with ET’s Lauren Zima and talked about hosting the new series, Turning the tablesand how her mother would have felt about the open and honest interviews the series will feature.

“My mom loved the conversation. She loved having people around the house,” shared Roberts, gagging a bit as he reflected on his mother and her life. “She would come home from school and there were people in our living room and she was in court and she had community, and I think she would be very pleased with the way we did it. [this show]. It’s very similar “.

Roberts’s mother, Lucimarian Roberts, He died on August 30, 2012, at the age of 88. Roberts and her sister, Sally-Ann, were with her mother at her home in Gulfport, Mississippi, when she died.

“I think he would be cheering me on from his heavenly balcony, that’s what I think,” Roberts added with a smile.

Turning the tables features Roberts opening up and delving into some emotional topics with an impressive roster of celebrities like Jenna Dewan, Jamie Lee Curtin, Debbie Allen, and Billie Jean King during the four-part Disney + streaming series.

“We wanted it to be multigenerational. We wanted women to see that we can all learn from each other,” shared Roberts. “It’s just me with some amazing women and I hope that some of what we are saying can make you feel like you are not alone.”

This means that Roberts herself is letting her guard down a bit and opening up in a way that many fans have never seen before.

“It’s like the weekend version of Robin,” he explained. “There is the Robin behind the desk in GMA. “

In her interview with Dewan, which ET got an exclusive look at, Roberts talks to the World of Dance host about her work on the reality competition series, and the mother-of-two explains how the opportunity arose at a very difficult time. .

“I’ve never hosted anything in my life … and Jennifer Lopez calls me and says, ‘I think you should host a show, we started in two days,'” recalls Dewan. “I had just parted ways in my relationship and no one knew. But I was dealing with it, and then I had to leave the next day … it was literally the next day.”

Take a look at the full conversation when Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts premieres July 28 on Disney +.