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Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady: A Look Back at Their Friendship Through the Years

Rob and Tom share four Super Bowl rings and a friendship that is as legendary as their NFL careers! Find out more about it here!

Rob Gronkowski And tom brady Surely friendship goals are taken to the next level! The two superstar NFL teammates have formed a tight bond over the years, which has matured into an enduring bromance both on and off the field. The Rob and Tom dynamic is so effortless, they can enjoy the spoils of winning the Super Bowl or treating their wounds after losing in the Kentucky Derby. Either way, this relationship is one for the books.

tom brady
Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady have a bromance for the ages! (Steve Luciano/AP/Shutterstock)

“I would say that basically friendships develop over football as well,” Rob explained. from reporters in 2018. “Studying football together, getting together in the offseason, extra stuff during the season and you just want to make it so you can be on the same page and have the best chemistry that you can be.” Tom returned the sentiment at the time, saying, “Well, I think it speaks to our relationship and I feel just as strongly about him as he does about me. I love the boy.” He has had a huge impact on my career personally, professionally.”

Tom recently reversed his decision to retire and with Robb still unsure whether he will return to play next season, the all-around bromance has been put to the test. As we eagerly wait to see if Rob will wear his helmet again and if it will be a Buccaneer with his BFF Tom, let’s take a look at how the brotherly love began in the first place. Keep reading below for the Rob and Tom relationship timeline!

Beginning of bromance.

Tom began his quarterback career with the New England Patriots in 2000. In 2010, the team drafted Robb 42nd overall as a tight end in the second round of the NFL Draft, marking the first time the two powerhouses came together. During Robb’s rookie year, Tom threw him 59 times, allowing Robb to score ten touchdowns.

Super Bowl Showstoppers.

In 2015, Tom and Rob teamed up with the Patriots to win their first Super Bowl. In the game against the Seattle Seahawks, Tom threw an incredible 22-yard touchdown pass to Rob. The win would be the first of three simultaneous Super Bowl wins for the Patriots.

Before the game, Rob talks about Tom in the locker room. from reporters, “It’s an honor to play with him. He’s going into his sixth Super Bowl, which just talks about respect for Tom, it’s just about the level of his game… Tom’s leader, comes, Always humble, always working hard, and it just moves the other players.”

Kentucky Derby Fun.

tom brady
Rob and Tom have won four Super Bowls together! (David J. Phillips/AP/Shutterstock)

After his first Super Bowl win, Bromance went to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby where he let off some steam while watching the famous horse race. Later, Rob will tell ESPN His favorite memory of the trip was watching Tom do a shot of the fireball, as the athlete is notoriously health conscious. “Seeing him taking a shot,” Rob recalled. “Just looking at his face after that, like, in disgust, ‘I’m pouring this wine into my body.'”

Boston Red Sox hijinks.

Earn their second Super Bowl win, the pair were invited to the Boston Red Sox home that opened in 2017. When Tom took the mound to throw the first pitch, Rob came up and snatched his Patriots jersey. Then the friends followed each other around the field like some of the school kids, until they fell down laughing.

Ride together in Tampa.

Tom surprised his fans by announcing he would leave the Patriots after two decades to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. After leaving the NFL a year ago, Robb revealed that he would come out of retirement to join Tom in the Florida-based team. When Tom heard the news, he took to Instagram, yelling, “Time to play it back, grunky!”

Rob was adamant that the incredible reunion was not planned. β€œIt just happened. With my retirement and that killing free agency, it kind of lined up,” Rob explained, according to Tampa Bay Times.

Now that Tom has signed with the Buccaneers, only time will tell if Rob decides to bring the band back for another shot at the big title!

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