Home Entertainment Rix is ​​released despite pleading guilty to sexual assault against Nath Campos

Rix is ​​released despite pleading guilty to sexual assault against Nath Campos

Rix is ​​released despite pleading guilty to sexual assault against Nath Campos

Though the “influencer” Ricardo Arturo González, higher often known as “Rix” pleaded responsible to sexual assault in opposition to the “youtuber” Nath Campos, was launched by the authorities of Mexico Metropolis.

A decide granted Rix freedom, this after final September 1 he accepted his duty within the tried violation in opposition to the youtuber. Thus, on September 9, he left the Oriente Jail, the place he was admitted on February 25.

  • Rix Pleads Responsible to Sexual Abuse, Will Spend 3 Years in Jail: Nath Campos

Ricardo González had been sentenced to three years and 20 days in jaill for accepting his guilt. Nonetheless, this was modified by a high-quality of 30,000 pesos ($ 1,500), along with repairing the default harml, along with the suspension of your political rights. He was additionally registered as a intercourse offender.

To guard the sufferer, a restriction measure was imposed, which prevents him from getting near Nath, his residence, his work or place of research, along with being monitored by the authorities.

Nath denied that cash was given to him and it was given to civil associations.

Rix Guilty Abuse Jail
Nath Campos / Mexico Metropolis Prosecutor’s Workplace

Why was Rix launched regardless of being responsible of the assault on Nath Campos?

In keeping with the previous deputy Alessandra Rojo de la Vega, who accompanied Nath all through the method, the discharge is by the Penal Code of Mexico Metropolis, which allowed this to occur.

“The crime was aggravated tried rape, what does this imply? That there was no penetration, there was no rape, excuse me for making it express however I’ll attempt to be as clear as potential. He was discovered responsible, level #1 as a result of he accepted what he did, he accepted the information and a couple of due to the proof that exists within the investigation folder, that’s, it’s clear that he’s responsible, he accepted it earlier than the decide, and he was sentenced to three years.

Nonetheless, the lawyer confirmed her indignation that the discharge was allowed for under 30,000 pesos.

“There is outrage, yes, this is how our penal code works. He is guilty, yes. He is not free, he could get out of jail. It is not outside according to the information we have, can it come out? Yes. But comes out with a criminal record since he is guilty. He is going to have to serve this sentence as dictated by a judge, we have no idea how the authorities are going to proceed … He is not blameless, he will not pay for what he did and the 30,000 pesos are not a guarantee, they are a guarantee but by substitution. It is a benefit that he has for the first criminal ”.

Reference from PrimeraFila – La Noticia