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Rio Roma can’t get away from romanticism

Rio Roma can't get away from romanticism

MEXICO CITY (El Common) .— Río Roma is synonymous with love and, though the duo tries to not speak about this situation anymore, it’s a feeling that may at all times be linked to their musical essence and that their followers ask for lots, based on what they are saying. that they haven’t any selection however to observe this path of romanticism that characterizes them and that they actually take pleasure in doing.

“I always try to compose things that are not about love, (laughs) but for some reason I am lucky to be right about some issues, and it is not easy to speak in a new way, but we find different ways of saying ‘I love you’, with phrases like ‘you changed my life’, or ‘you are my favorite person’ ”.

José Luis explains that generally they are saying: “It’s not going anymore! Not about love anymore!”, However that anyway the track they like probably the most is about that (laughs).

“You also can’t go against the energy that people perceive about us and we feel very lucky,” he says.

New street

Love has now led them to a brand new path that’s to merge with the Mexican regional, the place, accompanied by bands corresponding to Caliber 50, Grupo Firme, amongst others, they wish to put the identify of Mexican music excessive.

“Many artists in reggaeton have shown that unity is strength, I think it is a great example of what is happening and now what better than in our regional genre Mexico is made known much more with these groups that are breaking it abroad ”, He says.

Some yesterdays in the past the mariachi was somewhat forgotten, says José Luis, however he celebrates that now the brand new generations ask for this music and that’s the reason they included of their new single “It was a pleasure to love you”, with Virlán García, which is now out there on the platforms. .

“It is important, this should never be lost, because they are our roots, it is what makes us feel proud as Mexicans. Today the music is more open, that’s why we made an EP called ‘Six songs and a tequila’ with themes from the Mexican region together with friends of this genre. This openness of music has allowed us to sing with them ”, concludes José Luis Roma.