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Río Roma and Grupo Cañaveral will perform at the final of “La Academia”

Who are the artists that will be in the final (Photos: IG laacademiatv)

East saturday august 13 will start the final The Academy: 20 years and the production of the famous singing contest continues to surprise its fans, as it announced two very famous groups that will make the stage vibrate during the last concerts of the season: Roma River and Cañaveral Group.

It was through the official reality account in Instagramwhere it was announced that the two bands will be present on Next Sunday, August 14.

“Let’s live it, let’s not waste any more time… And Let’s enjoy a romantic night with @rioromamx! This Sunday at the grand finale of #LaAcademia at 8 pm, by @aztecauno”. “This Sunday, Cañaveral will make us sing and dance in his style! Spice up your night with the great musical group”, were the announcements.

The reactions from Internet users were immediate and several of them longed for the day of the gala to come so they could sing – even from their televisions – some of their favorite hits by these singers.

The finalists will sing with former academics (Photos: Instagram laacademiatv)
The finalists will sing with former academics (Photos: Instagram laacademiatv)

“Wooooo finally another more important reason to see the final, wooo I imagined that they were invited and it became real”. “All the more reason I don’t get lost The AcademyOh, they are my favourites.” “I’m dying of love”. “That will be good”, are some of the mentions that appeared in the comment box.

However, other Internet users regretted the absence of the interpreter of hits like I already forgot you, friends no please either don’t kiss herwho is one of the most famous singers to come out of The academy.

Yuridia is missing.” “Excellent, finally something good. Only my Yuridia is missing”sentenced the fans of the program Aztec TV.

The TV Azteca reality show is about to end (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)
The TV Azteca reality show is about to end (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)

Who are the other guests who will sing in the final

for the end of The Academy: 20 years, which will be divided into two days, the television station threw the house out the window and will not only have Río Roma and Grupo Cañaveral, but also announced that it will also The Sonora Dynamite, Natalia Jimenez and Pedro Uresti will be other celebrities who will captivate viewers with their music.

Likewise, it is expected that the current director of this generation, alexander achtake the stage to sing some of his hits and, once again, Ana Barbara -who acts as one of the judges on the critics panel- will surprise those present with her voice.

As an extra element, during the press conference that the finalists gave last Thursday, it was announced that this Saturday, the remaining contestants will perform some duets with former academics.

In this sense, Nelson will sing with Paola Chuck; cessation with Erika Alcocer; Andrew with Myriam Montemayor; sea ​​with Eric Sandoval and Ruby with Erasmus Catarino.

Only five finalists will dispute the first place (Photo: Instagram/@lacademiatv)
Only five finalists will dispute the first place (Photo: Instagram/@lacademiatv)

The songs that the students will perform

For Saturday:

– Sea: strange loves by Laura Pausini

– Cessia: I’ll live (I Will Survive) by Celia Cruz

– Ruby: To simmer by Rossana

– Andrew: Yesterday by Luis Miguel

-Nelson: Steal a kiss from you by Carlos Vives

For the Sunday:

– Sea: Now you from Malu

– Cessia: For love by Marco Antonio Muniz

– Ruby: My mistake, my fantasy by Edith Marquez

– Andrew: He is going to miss me by Ricardo Montaner

-Nelson: You lie From camila


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