Ricky Schroder asks to boycott Costco for not letting him in without a mask

Ricky Schroder asks to boycott Costco by letting him in without wearing a mask. The actor confronted a store clerk about the mask-wearing mandate in California. In that state it is still mandatory to wear it when entering stores.

Schroder, 51, went viral after demanding to be allowed into Costco without a mask. The Silver Spoons actor filmed the altercation on his cell phone and then uploaded it to his social networks. When they did not let him in, he asked to speak to the supervisor and began to record it. “What is your name?”

The employee responds like this: “My name is Jason and I am the supervisor,” he replied, while showing the name tag.

Ricky then asks him: “And why won’t you let me in?”

That’s when the employee politely explains that the mask-wearing mandate is still in effect in California. This is despite the restrictions being relaxed as of the new CDC guidelines.

“Because in the state of California and in Los Angeles County, and at Costco, there have been no changes to our mask policy,” Jason told the actor, who began to get even more upset.

“Haven’t you seen the news?” Ricky Schroder asks the Costco employee

Little by little Ricky Shroder starts to get annoyed and asks Jason: “Haven’t you seen the news? Costco said nationwide that you don’t have to wear masks. “

But Jason was adamant about the establishment’s rules and wouldn’t let him in. He pointed out that the rules are likely to change in June but that they had to be followed for now.

“Didn’t you see the news? Nationwide: Costco said you don’t have to wear masks, “Ricky asks, as Jason stood his ground on California state rules. Ricky then asks the staff member if “I was going to listen to these people” who are “in power” as they “destroy our economy.”

“What I’m going to do is follow your guidelines,” the Costco employee responded once again.

At that point, Ricky turned the camera to film himself and demanded that his followers get refunds from the store. “I suggest everyone in California get their refund from Costco, give up their Costco membership, until they eliminate this.”

After uploading the video, Twitter reacted critically to his behavior. Followers shared the video with comments such as:

“While many of us vaccinated will soon be able to remove our masks, morons like Ricky Schroder will never be able to remove the masks of ignorance,” said one follower.

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