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Ricky Luis calls for evolution and maturity in salsa

“All the stories have already been told. As a composer I try to analyze and shed light on another side of history”, details the singer and composer Ricky Louisknown for being part of the group N’Klabewhich now presents its latest single, “Worse”another point of view to the same message he heard from Marc Anthony, his inspiration.

“For this song, the inspiration comes from another song. one who took out Mark Anthony about eight months ago, it’s called “Mala'”, confirms Ricky Louis in interview with M2.

“I did not like the message because I do not believe that one can give a monetary value to a person, I think it is a bad message to support the concept that through spending money, someone’s heart must belong to you, and it is much more dangerous because he has a very great influence on Latin culture and society, that in itself we suffer from machismo in a very big way, ”said the composer.

However, staying true to the conceptualization behind their next album “Out the box 3”, Ricky Louis he lets his music express his opinions and seeks to reach the ears of many people through his lyrics, proposing new ways of seeing life, a situation or a feeling.

“I decided to make a song as another point of view. It’s the same situation, but I take it as learning, as we should do in all the situations we go through in life, that’s how we grow. I’m trying to give a more mature message”, he comments.

Delving into the creative process behind his songs, Ricky Louis He shares that he allows himself to be influenced by any stimulus that is part of his life, but that his current intention as a composer is to challenge the established and encourage people to seek another meaning for things.

“When composing, inspiration comes to me from anything. I like to be a spectator of life, I have always stood back to see and analyze situations in which people find themselves. If life was a movie, I would be watching it,” she said.

This artistic message also creates a parallel with his own conception of the present of salsa as a genre in the music industry, since, after a long career, he assures that new composers should be more interested in finding new facets of the genre, breaking with the space that occupies the sauce today.

“The place of salsa today is in the museum. We have an appreciation for the salsa of before, the style of before. I feel like visiting a museum and seeing the past. Many of the creators of salsa get carried away by that thought and try to emulate a style that, in my opinion, is already old. I respect it, but it needs a little more creators who are willing to evolve and try to educate the ear of the salty public because there is another way to do it, ”he finished.


Ricky Louis assured that he will still present a new single before his album is released “Out the box 3”. Likewise, he invited the public to enjoy his music in October, when he will arrive in Mexico to offer concerts with his orchestra.

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